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Thank you for considering joining our national community of practitioners who are dedicated to supporting integrated healing for survivors of sexual violence. Please read below to learn more about how The Breathe Network functions, the application process, membership fees and the way in which we share the resources found on our website with survivors, rape crisis centers, therapists, social services agencies, and more! We are thrilled that you would like to join our network!

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Why Should I/My Organization Join The Breathe Network?

The Breathe Network is a resource for survivors of sexual violence as well as local, state and national anti-sexual assault coalitions to use as they seek out healing modalities that will support individuals in transcending the trauma of sexual violence. Survivors, and those organizations who serve this population, can search our website for healers in their community – by location and by modality – and then initiate contact with the service provider to arrange an appointment, inquire for more information about the treatment and address other questions and concerns.

There is no referral fee when a survivor elects to work with a practitioner from our website, however there is a one-time joining fee of $150 for individuals/$300 for organizations, as well as an annual membership fee of $100 for individuals/$150 for organizations. The joining fee is not due until your application has been processed and the annual membership fee is required before December 31st of the calendar year. Please note that sliding-scale options are available upon request and we will do our best to accommodate your budget.

We promote our organization through online marketing, interviews, events and trainings, and our extensive Breathe Blog which explores the nuances of sexual violence and healing. We engage with various social media outlets, spread awareness about our mission via partnerships with universities and rape crisis centers, as well we present at local and national conferences addressing issues connected to sexual violence and trauma resilience. In addition, at a community-based level, we reach out to local health and wellness organizations to invite their collaboration and offer trainings designed to meet the unique needs of their existing programs. We are intentional in building our network of practitioners and partner organizations in a sustainable and thoughtful way that upholds quality of services, accessibility and alignment with our mission.

Our thorough application process allows us to ensure that we offer safe healing modalities with highly trained practitioners who have an established practice working in their modality with survivors of sexual violence and/or trauma. If our team does not feel that your application meets our minimum requirements at this time, we will do our best to direct you towards education and training opportunities that will better prepare you for joining our organization in the future. We utilize your application responses to develop your practitioner/organization page which gives individuals searching our website a unique and important opportunity to learn about a diverse range of holistic healing techniques and to gain a clear sense of the practitioners’ training and experience, their approach to trauma-informed care, as well as their overall philosophy on healing and resilience.

Our hope is that The Breathe Network serves as a catalyst to promote options for integrated healing for sexual violence survivors at any stage in their healing process – it is never too late. As well, we believe our network provides a powerful opportunity for you as a healer to intentionally connect with survivors who may (re)discover the priceless gift of their own embodiment through their work with you. We invite you to share information about The Breathe Network with your peers, friends and experienced colleagues who may be seeking to expand their clientele, as well as with survivors who are exploring new resources for healing – and please, do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Thank you for your interest in joining The Breathe Network!

Molly Boeder Harris, Founder & Executive Director

Individual Practitioners Apply Now!  Organizations & Groups Apply Now!