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The Breathe Network connects survivors of sexual violence with trauma-informed, sliding-scale, holistic healing arts practitioners. We provide training and education for healing arts practitioners in understanding the impacts of sexual violence and how to provide trauma-informed care within their practice.

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Are you a healing arts or health and wellness practitioner? Does your organization assist people in healing from trauma in a holistic manner? Would you like to align your practice with the survivors we serve? Find out more about the benefits and opportunities of joining our national network.


We offer innovative healing support to survivors of sexual violence, share audio trainings and blogs on trauma healing, and promote complementary national resources. Explore our reading list, read our blog or browse our comprehensive FAQs page for both survivors and practitioners.


Our primary goal is to ensure survivors across the country can identify a sliding-scale, trauma-informed, healer for support. In order to achieve this, we provide online education and in-person training for practitioners seeking the skills to create a survivor-centered, trauma-informed practice.

Healing Modalities

The healing modalities we offer holistically address the impacts of sexual violence on the body, mind and soul. Our practitioners recognize that the body can be a vital healing resource, that symptoms are natural responses to trauma, and seek to support their clients in identifying their innate resilience.

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Your support assists us in growing and strengthening our national network to meet the unique needs of our diverse survivor population. This includes bolstering our capacity to offer trainings across the country that better ensures the delivery of survivor-centered, trauma-informed care. When survivors can access the resources they seek, they can heal and flourish.

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    You can play an integral role in changing how society responds to sexual violence. Across the country, survivors are embracing alternative methods of healing because these treatments are personalized, effective and sustainable. As the body, mind and spirit are interdependent and influenced by each other, they must all be treated in the aftermath of trauma to promote resilience. Support our vision to ensure survivors have access to trauma-informed healers that will assist them in transforming adversity into growth.

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    Are you a practitioner that specializes in the healing arts? Do you practice a therapeutic modality that works holistically to heal trauma? Do you have experience working with survivors of sexual violence? Find out more about joining our network of service providers.

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