The ‘Spirit’ in Mind-Body-Spirit Trauma Healing

The Spirit in Mind-Body-Spirt Trauma Healing

Comment(s) December 19, 2019

The ‘Spirit’ in Mind-Body-Spirit Trauma Healing Guest Blog by Lisa Erickson I admit it: I get tired sometimes of seeing articles on how science has validated the value of yoga, mindfulness, meditation or an alternative medical or therapeutic treatment. While I am thrilled that such research has introduced these modalities to more people, particularly trauma […]Read More

How Reading The Apology Impacted Me

Five Ways Reading The Apology Impacted Me

Comment(s) August 10, 2019

Five Ways Reading ‘The Apology’ Impacted Me Guest Blog by SPT A friend, who knew that I was a sexual abuse survivor, sent me a notice about Eve Ensler’s new book, The Apology, the week that it was published.  Eve Ensler is a playwright, best known for her groundbreaking work The Vagina Monologues, which premiered […]Read More

An Open Letter to Self-Defense Instructors

An Open Letter to Self-Defense Instructors

Comment(s) September 22, 2017

An Open Letter to Self-Defense Instructors Guest Blog by Dr. Jamie Marich and Micah Bender If you work with the public in any capacity, awareness of trauma and the impact unhealed trauma has on the human experience is critical. Mental health professionals refer to this awareness (and its implementation to practice) as being trauma-informed. Many professionals, including […]Read More

Forgive You Father, For You Have Sinned

Forgive You Father, For You Have Sinned

Comment(s) May 26, 2017

Forgive You Father, For You Have Sinned Guest Post for The Breathe Network by ST It was just one year ago that I saw Spotlight. I knew that seeing this film might be highly charged for me since, as a child, I had been sexually molested by my father, who was also an Episcopal priest. […]Read More

Serve All Survivors

We Serve All Survivors

Comment(s) February 13, 2017

We Serve All Survivors “There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”―Audre Lorde Amidst these turbulent, political times for our nation, we are witnessing a re-surfacing of the collateral impacts of trauma and its residue. Since trauma invokes intense, and often ongoing, physiological impacts and changes to an […]Read More

we believe

We Believe

Comment(s) November 28, 2016

We Believe… “Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” -Henry David Thoreau Whether you are just discovering The Breathe Network, or you are someone who has been involved with our work from the beginning, we want you to know about the values and concepts that shape our mission – what it is that […]Read More

12 Elements of Trauma-Informed Care

12 Elements of Trauma-Informed Care

Comment(s) September 30, 2016

12 Elements of Trauma-Informed Care “A fundamental key is to recognize that they already know how to heal. Our organism knows how to make protective scars to safeguard the integrity of the body, and the mind does this as well. Hold this belief for them until they experience it for themselves.” -Joshua Sylvae, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner […]Read More


Queering Sexual Violence

Comment(s) May 18, 2016

Queering Sexual Violence “This is not just survival; it is activism on the most intimate level. It is proof that we can live in a broken world without losing ourselves, and without giving up on it.” -Melissa Febos, author of the memoir, Whip Smart and the essay collection, Abandon Me What does it mean to […]Read More

New Energetic Pathways

New Energetic Pathways to Healing

Comment(s) December 19, 2015

New Energetic Pathways to Healing “The virtue of the universe is wholeness. It regards all things as equal.” -Tao Te Ching One of the greatest insights I have learned in studying Somatic Experiencing, a naturalistic, trauma resolution method came when my teacher reminded us to trust in peoples’ innate capacities to heal, that this was, in […]Read More

Freeze Leads to Survival

Freeze Leads to Survival

Comment(s) December 4, 2015

Freeze Leads to Survival “We die so that we can live.” (Father opossum to baby from animated film ‘Over the Hedge’) Over the last 15 years, billions of cells have cycled through my body – created, utilized and disintegrated – without any of my own intentional efforts. Most of my life I took these processes for granted. Yet, […]Read More

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