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Thank you for considering joining our community of healthcare and healing practitioners who are dedicated to offering trauma-informed, holistic healing to survivors of sexual violence. Please read below to learn more about how The Breathe Network functions: our application process, membership fees, and our efforts to amplify our members’ work to reach survivors, rape crisis centers, social services agencies, academic institutions, and beyond.

We are thrilled that you would like to align your practice with our collective.

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Why Should I/My Organization Join The Breathe Network?

The Breathe Network is a resource for survivors of sexual trauma as well as local, state, and national anti-sexual assault coalitions seeking healing resources to support individuals in addressing and healing the nuanced physical, psychological, and spiritual impacts of sexual trauma. Survivors, and those who serve them, search our website for healing professionals in their community and then initiate contact with the service provider to arrange an appointment, inquire for more information about the treatment, and address other questions or concerns. Many survivors and advocacy organizations contact us directly with an inquiry for referrals.

There is no referral fee when a survivor elects to work with a practitioner from our website. Members pay an annual fee which is offered in 3 tiers and is payable in one installment annually, monthly, or quarterly payments.

Tier 1 - $199/year

Tier 2 - $399/year

Tier 3 - $599/year  

Fees are not due until your application has been processed and you are invited to join. Sliding-scale options and payment plans are always available to our community. No one will be turned away from joining our network or sustaining their membership due to financial barriers. We do expect that an impact of joining includes increased client referrals, which will bolster your capacity to thrive. You can learn more about the various tiers here.

Additionally, we have launched a new program, Embodying Survivor Justice, which supports all BIPOC practitioners who join our organization to have their annual due covered for their first year of membership. The intention of this program is to center and amplify the expertise of BIPOC healers and ensure that their healing offerings are increasingly accessible to the BIPOC community of survivors we aim to serve. We are working to build this program to allow for ongoing sustainability.

One of the ways we invest into our member community is through the design, facilitation, and participation within our online courses for survivors, healers, and for fellow members. We contract many of our teaching, writing, and speaking opportunities from among our members to expand the reach of their wisdom, perspective, and expertise. We also make our trainings available to our members at a deeply discounted and sliding-scale rates to ensure their access to ongoing learning and community.

We promote The Breathe Network through marketing, interviews, events, online courses and trainings, and our extensive Breathe Blog which explores the nuances of sexual violence and holistic healing. We utilize our various social media platforms, expand awareness of our services via partnerships with universities and rape crisis centers, as well we present at local and national conferences addressing sexual violence and trauma resilience in order to increase connections between our members and the wider community. In addition, at a community-based level, we reach out to local health and wellness organizations to invite their collaboration and offer trainings designed to meet the unique needs of their community. We are intentional in building our network of practitioners and partner organizations in a way that gives survivors’ confidence in our members’ expertise, sensitivity, accessibility, and alignment with our mission.

Our thorough application process allows us to ensure that we offer reputable healing modalities with highly trained practitioners who have an established practice working with survivors of sexual violence and/or trauma. If our team does not feel that your application meets our minimum requirements at this time, we will do our best to direct you towards education and training opportunities that will better prepare you for joining our organization in the future. We utilize your application responses to develop your practitioner/organization page which gives individuals searching our website a unique and important opportunity to learn about a diverse range of holistic healing techniques and to gain a clear sense of the practitioners’ training and experience, their approach to trauma-informed care, as well as their overall philosophy on healing and resilience.

Our hope is that The Breathe Network serves as a catalyst to promote options for integrated healing for sexual violence survivors at any stage in their healing process. As well, we believe our network provides a powerful opportunity for you as a healer to connect with survivors who may (re)discover the gift of their own embodiment through their work with you while connecting you with a community of trauma-informed healers. We invite you to share information about The Breathe Network with your peers, friends, and experienced colleagues who may be seeking to expand their clientele, as well as with survivors who are exploring new resources for healing – and please, do not hesitate to contact me directly at molly@thebreathenetwork.org.

Thank you for your interest in joining The Breathe Network!

Molly Boeder Harris, Founder & Executive Director

About The Breathe Network

Users of The Breathe Network’s resources assume responsibility for evaluating and selecting the providers included in our network. Please discuss your specific needs with the provider to determine whether they have the skills to assist you in your healing.

The Breathe Network, Inc. is organized as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, therefore the full amount of contributions made to our organization are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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