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The Breathe Network connects survivors of sexual violence with trauma-informed, sliding-scale, holistic healing practitioners. We provide education and training for health and healing professionals on the impacts of sexual trauma and best practices in providing trauma-informed care to increase survivors' access to healing.

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Are you a healing arts, health, or wellness professional? Does your organization assist people in sexual trauma recovery? Do you want to align your healing practice with the survivors we serve? Find out more about the benefits and opportunities of joining our national network.


We offer a vetted network of holistic healing providers for sexual trauma survivors, deliver education and training on trauma-informed and somatic healing practices, and collaborate with colleagues within the advocacy community to better ensure comprehensive access to support. Explore our reading list, our blog, or browse our FAQs page for survivors and practitioners.


Our primary goal is to ensure sexual assault survivors can identify a sliding-scale, trauma-informed, healing professional for support. To meet the high demand for competent care, we provide education and training for practitioners seeking to cultivate sensitivity, knowledge, and expertise in creating a survivor-centered, trauma-informed practice.

Healing Modalities

The range of healing modalities we offer can address the impacts of sexual violence on body, mind, and soul. Our practitioners recognize the value of body-inclusive healing, understand symptoms as natural responses to trauma, and support their clients' capacity for resilience through empowering, personalized and collaborative approaches to care.

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Your support assists us in growing and strengthening our network to meet the unique needs of our diverse survivor population. This includes bolstering our capacity to develop and offer trainings that better ensure survivors' access to trauma-informed care. When survivors can access the healing resources they seek, they can heal and thrive.

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    You can play an integral role in changing how our society responds to sexual violence. Our work promotes whole-person trauma recovery while building survivors' resilience. Support our vision to ensure all survivors have access to trauma-informed healers who can accompany them in transforming the impacts of trauma.

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      Holding A Healing Space Curriculum and Teaching Team

      We are thrilled to introduce you to the teaching team and curriculum for our newly launched course: Holding a Healing Space – A Holistic Training in Supporting Sexual Trauma Survivors. Within this course, our conversations about individual trauma healing are grounded within the larger context of what sexual trauma survivors navigate directly and indirectly through how our society […]

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      Embodying Survivor Justice: Centering Black, Indigenous, People of Color Healers and Healing

      Embodying Survivor Justice: Centering Black, Indigenous, People of Color Healers and Healing “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” -Maya Angelou In the United States, there remain countless individual, cultural, historical and systemic factors that complicate the ways in which people experience sexual trauma and their capacity to […]

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    Are you a practitioner that specializes in holistic healing? In working with trauma in general or sexual trauma specifically? Do you bring a trauma-informed lens to your work as a health care provider? Do you want to pivot your practice to intentionally reach survivors? Find out more about joining our healing collective.

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