Understanding Trauma and the Body Teleseminar

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Understanding Trauma and the Body

understanding trauma and the body teleseminar

“Neuroscience is now supporting what yogis have known for centuries: our sense of self is rooted in how we interpret our inner sensory experience. Given that, if trauma transforms the external violence into an internal enemy that then contributes to an inability to feel safe inside and causes negative beliefs about the self and one’s capacity for tolerating the present, then the healing treatment must include opportunities for reparative connections with the body.” ~Lara Veon

The Breathe Network launched its first teleseminar “Understanding Trauma and the Body” with Lara Veon, LPC, RYT, as part of a series of online education and training workshops intended to increase our community understandings of the impacts of trauma and the unique experience of surviving sexual violence. In this introductory teleseminar, Lara discusses trauma – highlighting its impact on the brain, body and spirit – and briefly explores how integrating trauma treatment with mind/body modalities can profoundly aid healing.

Lara Veon, LPC, RYT is a body-inclusive psychotherapist and a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor. Learn more about Lara’s approach to facilitating the transformation of trauma on her practitioner page

We hope you enjoy this 22 minute recording!