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Welcome to our Trainings and Events page where you can learn about the variety of programs that we offer to healthcare providers, healing practitioners, advocates and advocacy organizations, and survivors. 

Whether you are interested in training opportunities to enhance your approach to trauma-informed care within your practice or organization, would like to invite one of our members to present at an event, or you want to develop trauma-informed, holistic programming for survivors and/or healing professionals in your community – we can accommodate any audience.

Please feel free to inquire for more details, or if there is something specific you seek for yourself or your group, we can customize our offerings to meet your needs. Contact us to explore trainings and events options at: or 

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Holding a Healing Space – A Holistic Training in Supporting Sexual Trauma Survivors

Holding A Healing Space – A Holistic Training in Supporting Sexual Trauma Survivors is our most comprehensive course yet. It will offer you an immersive learning experience co-facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of 35 seasoned professionals working at the intersections of individual, historical, collective and social trauma, sexual trauma recovery, anti-violence advocacy, somatic healing, integrative medicine, and social change.

Health, healing, and wellness professionals of all disciplines and vocations are encouraged to join this learning space. This includes, though is not limited to: acupuncturists, bodyworkers, birth workers, yoga teachers, energy healers, psychotherapists, personal trainers, physical therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, and the academic community – including students, staff, and faculty.

The 35+ hour course will be offered at $595 payable in one or four installments and gives you unlimited access to all of the content – videos, transcripts, and supplementary materials – as well as any future additions to the course content.

To learn about reduced group registration rates, contact and to apply for our BIPOC scholarships, contact Tosha Wilson at:

Learn more and register here.

Healing Sexual Trauma – A Professional Training in Trauma-Informed Care

The Breathe Network’s online course, Healing Sexual Trauma: A Professional Training in Trauma-Informed Care, will offer you a unique combination of education and training co-facilitated by 20 seasoned professionals working in the realms of sexual trauma, anti-sexual violence advocacy, holistic healing and resilience building.

We offer both individual and group/organization enrollment rates, please inquire directly at to learn about group registration options.

Learn more and register here.

Embodied Healing – Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation for Sexual Assault Survivors

The Breathe Network’s course, Embodied Healing: Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation for Sexual Assault Survivors, is co-taught by a team of 16 instructors, all of whom are seasoned professionals in the realms of trauma, psychology, sexual assault, yoga, and meditation. We have designed this course to be an accessible and empowering way for survivors to embark upon or deepen their healing through sustainable, somatic, and holistic practices.

We offer both individual and group/organization enrollment rates, please inquire directly at to learn about group registration options.

Learn more and register here.


“Trauma Resilience – Healing the Wounds of Sexual Violence with the Holistic Healing Arts”

In this interactive panel discussion, you will learn the nuances of how sexual violence impacts the body, mind and spirit and how specific healing arts modalities can uniquely facilitate personalized and sustainable healing. Healing arts practitioners will share their insights from working with survivors and offer recommendations on how to modify the delivery of their given modality in order to enhance physical and emotional safety for survivors and ultimately, to promote a survivor’s innate capacity to heal. Importantly, time will be allotted for participants to directly ask questions to the panelists that may be specific to their personal experience or professional practice. Read a review of this workshop here.

“Embody to Empower – Building Resilience through Embodied Approaches To Healing”

Embody to Empower explores the importance of embodied healing for survivors of sexual violence utilizing holistic healing arts that address the impacts of trauma on the mind, body and soul. Our founder shares insights gained as a sexual assault and rape survivor, her experiences working as a medical/legal advocate, her trauma training as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and her research on the use of alternative healing arts for sexual assault survivors. This unique combination of personal, academic, and professional experience is the catalyst for our mission to connect survivors of sexual violence with trauma-informed, sliding-scale, holistic healing arts practitioners.

The workshop covers the impacts of sexual trauma on the mind, body, and soul, examines research from experts in the field of trauma healing and what survivors report about their journey to recover, and how sexual assault survivors are identifying creative and innovative ways to transform the wounds of trauma and also, the world around them. Recognizing that healing is an ongoing, lifelong process for some, healing practices that can sustain survivors long beyond the immediate crisis of trauma are centered in this discussion as well as a discussion around the multiple, intersecting barriers to care.

In order to give participants an experiential understanding of embodied healing the workshop includes opportunities for participants to practice subtle, yet powerful, techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation and mindful movement, followed by time to reflect on those techniques through writing. All movement, breath and meditation techniques are optional and modifications will be offered.

“Transcending the Trauma of Sexual Violence with Yoga”

This workshop explores the benefits of integrating the practice of yoga into a survivor’s healing process to holistically address the impact of sexual violence on their mind, body and spirit – and to facilitate deep and sustainable healing. The facilitator shares insights gained as a survivor navigating the ongoing healing journey “on the mat” as well as her experiences teaching yoga for survivors, relates what current trauma research tells us about bringing the body into the foreground of the healing process, and provides participants with a clear understanding of trauma-informed yoga and how it can create optimal conditions for embodiment, safety and healing. Yoga techniques including movement, breathing exercises, and meditation will be introduced within the workshop. Please note: physical participation is optional as participants can visualize the practices and receive similar benefit.

“Holistic Survivor Advocacy”

This multifaceted workshop explores innovative practices in sexual violence recovery from various lenses, including; a survivor’s testimonial on the value of utilizing holistic healing resources, a panel interview with a team of trauma-informed, healing arts practitioners, and insights as to how to successfully integrate the healing arts within existing advocacy response systems.

“Infusing Your Healing Practice with a Trauma-Informed Lens”

This workshop serves as an introduction to the spectrum of sexual violence, its nuanced impacts on the body, mind and spirit and how to integrate trauma-informed/trauma-inclusive approaches and techniques into the care and services you provide to this population. We will tailor this workshop to the given modality or area of service of that you provide, as well as accommodate central questions, concerns and specific areas you would like to explore based on the unique needs of your organization/group. Ample time will be allotted for questions and discussion.

In addition to demystifying the work of supporting survivors of sexual violence, our team of healing arts practitioners share their insights and offer recommendations and techniques for modifying the delivery of a given modality in order to optimize the healing benefits for the survivors you serve. This workshop will provide your group with the skills, sensitivity and confidence to provide survivor-centered, trauma-informed care to the clients you work with, ultimately creating the necessary physical and emotional safety to promote a survivor’s innate capacity to heal.

The workshop will be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your practice and can serve a range of fields including yoga instructors, medical professionals, social workers, bodyworkers, psychotherapists, and more.


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