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Sheri Mollica-Rathburn“Sheri Mollica-Rathburn is the Founder and Director of Om2Ohm, a beautiful, one-of-a-kind meditation and wellness center that offers a broad range of holistic wellness services, programs and workshops, to facilitate healing and empowerment. Sheri is a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Cymatic Healer, and Reiki Master who is dedicated to helping people transform and empower themselves. She has practiced in Central Ohio for 12 years and her passion is to show clients how to lead a more mindful, peaceful, and healthy life through a range of holistic healing arts offerings that support their ability to grow and thrive.”

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Practice Information

About Sheri Mollica-Rathburn

Sheri is extensively trained in Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, and Cymatics and her teachings grow stronger still from her own personal transformation through holistic and spiritual discovery work. She has been honored to have teachers from many cultures and explored many different contemplative practices. Her teaching and healing style is nurturing, unique, and approachable to people from all walks of life. In addition to Mindfulness Meditation, Sheri is skilled in offering Chi Kung, working with children and adults coping with ADD/ADHD and Autism, as well as integrating Sound/Color/Light Therapy, EFT, among other complementary modalities.


At my wellness studio, I began using the services I offer (Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Tai Chi,  and Sound/Color/Light therapy) with a family member who had survived domestic and sexual violence. The effects for them were so immediate, uplifting, and long lasting I knew these modalities could help so many others! Since that point 5 years ago I have worked with many survivors and have seen amazing results with each person. Om2Ohm now offers a sliding-scale as well as financial scholarships for survivors and we currently work with local advocates in guiding more survivors to our center for holistic support.

In 2003 & 2004, while I was working as an Interior Designer, I created the “Space For Peace” scholarship that I offered through New Directions of Columbus, Ohio. I rallied local designers together to re-do and decorate a survivor’s living space or bedroom to celebrate their courage and honor their new beginning after exiting an abusive situation. All of the services, time, and materials were donated to support and nourish this important process.

My Interest in Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence

I have been close to far too many women to count that have lived through domestic violence and sexual violence. This issue feels very close to my heart. Experiencing the pain through these women’s life stories, struck me to the core. I often questioned to myself “How can there be such a high percentage of this abuse happening so very close to me? What can I do to make even a small difference?” I now know that this was no coincidence these survivors came into my life, but rather, that a part of why I am here on this Earth right now is to support healing. I didn’t know how I would do this at the time but eventually, upon working with so many of these women within my practice, it became very clear that my wellness center and the services we offer would nurture their journey of recovery and empowerment.

Treatment Modalities

At my wellness center, I use many healing modalities and they each have a very special role in helping to heal the pain that comes with sexual and domestic violence. I am extensively trained in mindfulness and meditation which is the main building block upon which all of my other treatments are built. With this expertise I am able to help survivors allow self-kindness, recover from low self-esteem, self-deprecating behaviors, feelings of overwhelming helplessness, and feelings of having lost themselves. It is my passion to help survivors through mindfulness and meditation to gain clarity in the midst of their crisis and to reduce the symptoms of their past trauma. I use many different mindfulness techniques including extensive breath work, simple relaxing body movement, meridian tapping, painting, and walking meditation just to name a few.

I also use Reiki energy healing to help calm and relax the client but even more importantly to draw out the energetic blocks and deep seated pain that may have manifested into physical pain and dis-ease. Reiki is Japanese form of healing and it means “life force energy”. It raises the vibration of the client’s energy field causing the negative energy to break up and clear it out. In doing this, the life force can flow through the energy pathways in a healthy, natural and balanced way. I also offer Intuitive Counseling which is not only one of the many gifts that I was born with, but is also a modality that I feel is so very important to employ with every survivor. Intuitive counseling is where I am able to empathically connect to the client and help to heal that person at a much deeper and more nurturing level.

Color/Light/Sound Healing is used with many of my sessions in working with survivors. Music is layered with sound frequencies and often accompanied by soothing colored light enveloping the client entirely causing complete relaxation, release, and healing on many levels. All of the modalities that I employ are in place to help survivors find peace, take control of self-healing, relieve anxiety, and discover their own sense of empowerment.

How Meditation and Energy Healing Holistically Address the Impacts of Sexual Violence

I can holistically support survivors with my own personal experiences with this type of trauma and my first-hand knowledge of how deeply and thoroughly the modalities I offer can heal and empower. All of the services and offerings that I have are given with loving-kindness thus allowing the survivor to fully allow loving kindness toward themselves while feeling completely safe at all times. The modalities I use support survivors by empowering them with new and invaluable coping skills for dealing with the symptoms of past trauma, including depression, and anxiety. My modalities are not only what facilitates healing, it is also my center’s beautiful and nurturing environment. I combined my 24 years of expertise as a professional interior designer and expertise as an energy worker to create a truly nurturing sanctuary that is balanced and healing in every way. My deep knowledge and experience with the sensitivities that accompany trauma made it of the utmost importance to me to create an environment that would help to soothe even the deepest emotional wounds.

Modifications for Survivors

I meet clients where they are and walk with them on their healing journey – all the while respecting and honoring all that arises during this transformational process. For those who are touch sensitive due to past trauma I use Reiki sessions to provide healing and energetic connection without actual touch when the person requests this approach. I want survivors to feel as safe as possible at all times. I let survivors know that when working with clients I intuitively sense their energy. In doing so, I gain a very clear sense of what modalities and at what pace will benefit them most.

I prepare what I call a Peace Prescription which lays out exactly the techniques I would like to do with them. At all times the survivor can communicate with me if something feels uncomfortable and they are able to request that we modify techniques accordingly.

I offer my survivor clients additional access and communication with me through email, text, and phone because I know how important this can be during different stages in the healing process. I allow same day appointments wherever possible to accommodate “emotional emergency” situations. I also take precautions to ensure that the survivors’ identity is safeguarded when necessary.

Additional Expertise

I have experience providing support and healing services for survivors of domestic violence.

Payment Options

I am able to offer a sliding-scale.