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Lumos LogoLumos Transforms, formerly TRE Los Angeles, was founded in 2016 to implement effective, simple stress-reduction solutions that build capacity and resilience for individuals, communities, and organizations. Our signature program, The Resilience Toolkit, offers people accessible tools for self-regulation that help restore a sense of calm within. With therapeutic guidance on mindful attention to physical and psychological comfort, clients choose from a suite of tools that help them settle the nervous system and rediscover a sense of safety and stability. This is the first and often overlooked step in trauma healing. Adaptable for all body types, fitness levels, and mobility challenges, The Resilience Toolkit is designed to be taught professionally and then used independently. At Lumos Transforms, we believe that deep wellness is capable of creating positive change in our families, communities, and workplaces. We help clients reduce stress and build resilience so they can engage more fully and shine their light in the world.”

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Email: | Website: | Phone: 323-254-7775 | Practice Location: 454 N. Avenue 54 #1, Los Angeles, CA (Main Office) Other locations throughout Los Angeles County and beyond, plus sessions available by Skype | | |

Practice Information


The Resilience Toolkit was developed by Lumos Transforms president,  Nkem Ndefo, through many years of work as a traditional and complementary healthcare provider and advocate serving a wide range of people, communities, and organizations. She saw the need for affordable and accessible tools to effectively address the epidemic of toxic stress and trauma that is a root cause of so much suffering.

Utilizing recent developments in the neurobiological understanding of stress and the bi-directional relationship between mind and body, The Toolkit consists of a carefully selected group of evidence-based and promising stress reduction practices. These practices are embedded in a framework that honors people’s cultural and historical experiences, and empowers them with flexible and practical solutions.

Because the overwhelming majority of our clients are survivors of trauma of various types, we place a high value on safety, whether it be in our individual or group settings. Our staff has extensive experience working with male and female survivors of childhood sexual abuse, incest, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence.

Treatment Modality

Our signature community program is The Resilience Toolkit. The Resilience Toolkit consists of a suite of movement and mindfulness tools that help you develop an embodied understanding of your stress and relaxation cycles. With this knowledge, you can effectively choose from The Toolkit menu of carefully selected practices that quiet stress activation. These simple and quick practices build internal awareness and focus attention on positive aspects of your experience to settle your nervous system. One of the most powerful tools in The Toolkit is the therapeutic tremor, which is not only a key aspect of several ancient healing systems, but modern research has shown the therapeutic tremor’s significant measurable benefits.

The Resilience Toolkit supports your new knowledge and skills by applying scientifically supported methods to help you develop a robust and sustainable practice to effect real positive change over time.Our Approach to Trauma-Informed Care

The centerpiece of our organization is trauma-informed care. It is the foundation and essence of what we do and how we do it. From how we conduct staff meetings to administrative procedures, we honor the principles of cultural humility, choice, collaboration, empowerment, and safety.

Our Approach to Trauma Informed Care

The centerpiece of our organization is trauma-informed care. It is the foundation and essence of what we do and how we do it. From how we conduct staff meetings to administrative procedures, we honor the principles of cultural humility, choice, collaboration, empowerment, and safety.

How Our Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Violence

Trauma is a whole person experience, and naturally so is the post-trauma fallout. Many, if not most, of post-trauma symptoms are due to a nervous system stuck in defense and/or collapse. With The Resilience Toolkit, survivors are empowered to identify symptoms and choose simple, quick strategies that can help them calm down and get unstuck.  Our goal is to activate the human body’s innate ability to release the charge at the heart of the trauma response, and gently reset the system to baseline. A settled nervous system calms whole body dysregulation, allowing survivors to find internal safety, the spaciousness to process the emotions around the trauma, and reconnect to an internal sense of power and control.


Safely guiding a survivor through The Resilience Toolkit is about giving the survivor choice and control in the setting/environment. Our providers work with our clients to identify what is the optimal pace and intensity at any given moment. We are guides in the process, but survivors are experts in their bodies. This work is a sacred partnership.

Additional Expertise/Interest

Social justice activism and anti-oppression work is in our DNA. Many of our providers have extensive experience in community organizing and bring an intersectional feminist lens to their work.

Payment Options

We do not offer a sliding scale on our individual sessions. However,  our community programs are priced with accessibility in mind. Locally, we price The Resilience Toolkit according to the median income of the neighborhoods where we host classes. This allows us to meet communities where they are. We also offer The Resilience Toolkit Online, which is accessible from anywhere in the world. All of our community programs reserve a limited number of scholarships for each session. To inquire about a scholarship for an upcoming session of The Resilience Toolkit, please email