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louise edington“Louise Edington is an astrologer and healer who goes beyond the basics and truly reveals the essence of your cosmic blueprint. She is able to provide healing support for her clients in person, over the phone or via Skype. She has studied Astrology for almost 25 years and has been practicing professionally for two. Louise has also been in the Coaching and Mentoring world for 5 years and has now taken more courses and received more training than she can remember! Louise is a seeker of truth, a fighter for equality and on the domestic front is a wife and mother to two teen girls and two rescue Terriers.”

Contact Information:

Email: louise@yourcosmicblueprint.com | Website: http://yourcosmicblueprint.com | Facebook: http://facebook.com/yourcosmicblueprint | Closed Facebook Group | Twitter: @louiseedington | Practice Location: Sandy, UT (distance healing via phone/Skype)

Practice Information

About Louise Edington

Louise Edington is a Transformational Change Agent, Evolutionary Astrologer (Jungian in approach), Healer, Teacher and Writer. She helps her clients navigate major times of change and personal transformation with deep empathy, English wit and a battery of skills earned through many years of study and practice. Louise works with your Unique Cosmic Blueprint to help you find your spiritual footing and to guide you through changes in order to help you to find your path and to continue on that journey.

Experience Working With Survivors

My experience comes through my astrological counseling work. I attract many clients who are survivors of sexual violence.

My Understanding of Trauma-Informed Care

To me trauma-informed care means being empathic and understanding that there are many forms of trauma. It’s all in the eye of the recipient of the trauma. I aim to support, understand and empower the client in a very safe space. I don’t attempt to fix. I help them to understand themselves at a deeper level and to work towards their own healing.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

I believe that looking at things through the eyes of evolutionary astrology helps clients to let go of a lot of guilt and shame around their past experiences.

Treatment Modality

Through my astrological work I look at past life lessons and familial lessons as shown in the chart and help clients to see where they can release those lessons to live a life filled with purpose. I give you hope and a path to follow. I give you possibilities.

How Astrology Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Violence

As I look at the whole person through their natal chart and the evolution of their soul through this lifetime I look at everything that shows up in their chart. Through the medium of astrology, I am a way shower. I go deep into your soul to guide you towards wholeness, acceptance and abundance. My aim is to assist you in healing and give you the tools to move on with your life.

Modifications for Survivors

Most of my work is done by phone, yet I am also able to work by email if the client is unable to talk on the phone. This method may not be as satisfactory but it would still give some guidance.

Additional Information

I am a feminist and personal choice advocate.

Payment Options

I am able to provide sliding-scale services.