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“Lisa Erickson is a meditation instructor and energy worker specializing in women’s energetics – the unique attributes of women’s chakra and subtle body systems. She draws upon many different spiritual and energy healing traditions in her work, and has completed an apprenticeship program with internationally acclaimed healer and author Cyndi Dale. She is a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, and a second-degree black belt in Shotokan karate. She shares some of her work, including a free E-book on healing the subtle body wounds of sexual trauma, at her blog”

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About Lisa Erickson

My work with survivors of sexual violence grew out of my women’s meditation classes and women’s energetics online workshops and writings. In these offerings, I help women connect with their subtle or energy bodies through guided meditation, visualization, chakra (energy center) healing work, and energy release modalities. I also help women to empower their feminine energy bodies – the unique energy that comes through a women’s chakra/energy system when their energetics system is clear and strong.


Over the years, many women who have participated in these programs were working to heal from past sexual abuse or violence. Most had already benefited from therapy, support groups, and/or other healing modalities, but were now dealing with subtler energetic wounds or blocks. Drawing on both energy healing and spiritual traditions that utilize the chakras, I gradually developed a process for working with a woman’s subtle body to help heal these wounds. I published a self-directed guide to much of this process in a free E-book, Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Abuse and Trauma. I continue to do more individualized guided work along these lines in private phone or in-person sessions.

I primarily work with women at this time. Although in my meditation classes I teach both men and women, much of my energy work with trauma and abuse victims is based on the particular attributes of women’s energy bodies. Survivors I have worked with have ranged in age from 18 to 72. Some were addressing abuse that had occurred in the last few years, while many others were addressing trauma that had occurred years, or decades, later.

I am the author of  “Women’s Energetics: Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Abuse”  which is a free E-book and a self-guided energy healing program for healing the subtle body wounds of sexual trauma and abuse in women. Consisting of 10 energy healing practices including journaling, meditation, and visualizations, this program is designed to help you gently surface and heal energetic issues in your chakras (energy centers), and then to help you connect with your sacral (second) chakra – the seat of feminine power – in a new and empowered way.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

From an energy standpoint, I view this work as part of a larger healing shift that is occurring on both a social and individual level – a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies. We are each a reflection of both energies, and part of healing from sexual trauma is reclaiming our full access to both. My work has always been focused on women, and unfortunately a large percentage of women are at some point the victim of sexual abuse or violence. So it is essential that these wounds heal, for women to reclaim their feminine power on a wider basis. I firmly believe that each woman who does so contributes to a larger energetic rebalancing and healing that benefits both men and women. Of course this is also true for men recovering from sexual abuse and trauma, although at this time, my own focus is on women’s energetics and healing.

Treatment Modality

The energy healing work that I do is primarily based on the chakras – energy centers in our subtle or energy body. Although I have also trained in meridian work (energy lines upon which acupuncture and other Chinese –based modalities are based), I mostly draw upon chakra mappings, specifically Tibetan and Indian systems, such as those found in most yoga traditions. These chakras are intersections of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. This means we can work with them to impact the physical body, and we can also work to release and heal on emotional and mental levels. Finally, we can utilize our chakras as doorways to our various spiritual dimensions, experiencing a wider range of our awareness, and bringing forth spiritual gifts we may have.

I work by phone or in person. Phone sessions are recorded so individuals can play them back and reuse certain techniques if this is useful to them.

How Energy Healing Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Violence

I guide individuals through mind-body awareness exercises, meditations, visualizations, breathing exercises, and other release modalities to surface, release, clear, and empower wounds that exist on the chakric levels. We may also work with cutting or clearing energetic lines – the lines that bind us to others in our lives. Boundary work is also a big part of what I do – helping individuals to develop better energetic boundaries or filters, so that they are not impacted by other’s energies, and can feel and experience their own. I sometimes incorporate sound healing work, color therapy, and/or food recommendations into sessions if appropriate.

Energy work of this type is not meant to be a first-phase treatment modality, or the sole one that a survivor pursues. It is usually the most relevant to someone that has undergone therapy already, or is participating in it but no longer experiencing daily PTSD symptoms. When a survivor has moved into the integration phase of their healing, and is looking to work deeply on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to release energies that may have become trapped in their being, work of this type can be tremendously useful. If a survivor feels ‘stuck’ even after healing on many levels, often work of this type will help surface and release lingering blocks or wounds.

Sometimes, based on the other healing work that a survivor has undergone, there really are no blocks or wounds of consequence remaining, but they need help fully opening to their power – fully opening to the entire range of experience available to them energetically. Sexual abuse and trauma most dramatically impact survivors’ first and second chakras – the roots or foundation of the subtle or energy body. Usually they have founds ways to compensate for weaknesses here through the ways they use other chakras, so now we need to rebalance them – redistribute the energy through their chakra system, and help them open to underutilized and underexpressed aspects of their being. This level is more about integration and empowerment than healing, per se. Some individuals are looking to establish a regular meditation and/or energy practice of their own, and I can assist with that also.

So there is a range of energy work that may be useful. This is obviously subtle work, and as I said, for trauma and abuse victims, it is best incorporated into a wider treatment program, or begun after they feel they have come to some level of closure with therapy or other modalities.

Modifications for Survivors

It is essential to me that within a session, a survivor feels that the work we do together is their choice – that they can choose to do certain work, or not to do it, or to control the pace. I begin each 1-hour session guiding us through a brief, gentle ‘tune-in’ meditation, then I ask the client to talk for 15 minutes or so, about what has drawn them to this energetic approach, and what they would like addressed. I always explain that as they talk I will also be intuitively sensing their energy body, and that if anything makes them uncomfortable, they can ask me to stop. Sometimes I will ask some questions as they are talking, other times this isn’t needed.

In any case, after they are done speaking, I usually have a very clear sense of where it would benefit them most for us to work. I lay out exactly the exercises I would like to do with them, and we proceed. However, I check in frequently to see how they are feeling throughout the session. If we do trigger any strong emotions, or come across a powerful block or wound in a particular area of their energy body, I will let them decide how deeply they wants to go into it at this time. I always try to focus on at least one gift or empowerment aspect of the process in every session – some part of themselves they would like to explore in more depth from a positive perspective.


Payment Options

I am able to offer a sliding-scale.


Learn more about Lisa’s work instructing meditation that is accessible for survivors of sexual violence by listening to her teleseminar “Creating Trauma-Sensitive Meditation Classes“.