Holding A Healing Space Course Curriculum and Teaching Team

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We are thrilled to introduce you to the teaching team and curriculum for our course, Holding a Healing Space: A Holistic Training in Supporting Sexual Trauma Survivors that launches December 2021. Within this course, our conversations about individual trauma healing are grounded within the larger context of what sexual trauma survivors navigate directly and indirectly through how our society defines and responds to sexual trauma, and how systemic oppression, historical trauma, and cultural norms combine to shape and influence our experiences of violence, while also determining both access and barriers to resources.

The training materials we share will anchor participants in a nuanced understanding of the physiology of trauma and resilience, invite an examination of individual experiences of sexual trauma and contextualize them within systemic and generational forms of trauma. With this foundation, we will begin to discern how we integrate this knowledge within specific therapeutic applications and adaptations of trauma-informed care across a range of healing modalities.

As the practitioner’s own presence informs their capacity to both steadily and flexibly hold space for survivors in the deepest places of their pain, we will explore somatic approaches to tending to ourselves as healing professionals who carry our own trauma histories. Within and beyond this space, we believe there lives the stunning and reciprocal possibility for everyone to experience the therapeutic relationship as a healing encounter.

This 30+ hour course emerged from a co-creative process that has been thoughtfully, collaboratively, and passionately designed over the last year. With this course, we aim to increase sexual trauma survivors’ access to practitioners who bring integrity, compassion, knowledge, and tremendous capacity in the realm of trauma healing and to better ensure that practitioners themselves feel grounded, nurtured, and sustainable in their vocation. We are profoundly grateful to the 33 healing humans who brought their fullest selves to these intimate, complex, and transformative conversations.

Module 1 – Trauma and Healing – Recognizing the Resource of Connecting the Individual and the Collective with Nkem Ndefo, Francine Kelley, and Danielle Murphy

Individual and Collective Trauma Healing for Embodied Social Change with Nkem Ndefo
Nervous System Healing for Individual and Collective Trauma with Francine Kelley
Contextualizing the Intersection of Racial Trauma and Sexual Trauma with Danielle Murphy
Embodied Therapeutic Approaches for Supporting Survivors with Danielle Murphy

Module 2 – Embodiment as a Resource and a Refuge for Healing with Jessica Schaffer, Sage Hayes, Santa Molina-Marshall, and Maira Holzmann

Honoring the Wisdom of the Nervous System with Jessica Schaffer
Tracking the Language of The Body in Trauma Healing with sage hayes
Returning to the Body in Sexual Trauma Recovery with Santa Molina-Marshall
Coregulatory Touch for Trauma Healing with Maira Holzmann

Module 3 – Navigating Individual and Institutional Trauma with Margaret Howard and Vanessa Sapien

Supporting Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma with Margaret Howard
Examining the Intersections of Disability, Sexual Trauma, and Incarceration with Vanessa Sapien

Module 4 – Advocacy and Community Centered Healing with Kalimah Johnson, michael munson, and Shanda Poitra

Culturally Sensitive Healing Spaces for Black Women & Girls with Kalimah Johnson
Advocacy and Healing for Trans and Nonbinary Survivors with michael munson
Empowering Indigenous Women through Body-Centered Healing with Shanda Poitra

Module 5 – Transformative Healing Spaces for Children and Families with Mary Jo Barrett, Rachel Pauls, Aredvi Azad and Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera

Healing Family Violence through the Collaborative Stage Model with Mary Jo Barrett
Somatic Approaches to Supporting Child Survivors with Rachel Pauls
Root and Cultural Shift Work for Ending Child Sexual Abuse with Aredvi Azad & Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera

Module 6 – Trauma-Informed Approaches to Birthwork, Reproductive Care, and Pelvic Healing with Eri Guajardo Johnson, Dr. Kate Smith, michael munson, and Dr. Paige Yang

The Liberatory Possibilities of Trauma-Informed Birthwork with Eri Guajardo Johnson
Holistic Pelvic Care for Sexual Trauma Healing with Dr. Kate Smith
Pelvic Floor Therapy for Trans and Nonbinary Survivors with michael munson
Fertility, Reproductive Health, and Menstruation Support for Survivors through Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Paige Yang

Module 7 – Individual Trauma Healing Theory as a Map for Social Change with Dr. Tamsin Lee, Robyn Mourning, and Jennifer Patterson

Decolonizing East Asian Medicine with Research, Equity & Health Justice Practices with Dr. Tamsin Lee
Abolition and Sexual Trauma Healing with Robyn Mourning
Shifting to a Sliding-Scale Healing Practice with Jennifer Patterson

Module 8 – Collaborating with the Intelligence of the Survivor’s Body, Mind, and Spirit with Kate Busby, Dr. Ben Benjamin and Dr. Emily Siy

Healing in the Space Where Resource Meets Overwhelm with Kate Busby
Trauma-Informed Massage Therapy with Dr. Ben Benjamin
Holistic Trauma Healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Emily Siy

Module 9 – Trauma-Informed Approaches to Psychotherapy with Elise Collier, Dr. Peter Gold, Dr. Jim Hopper and Dr. Shena Young

Embodying Healing as a Therapist with Elise Collier
Mind-Body Psychotherapy with Dr. Peter Gold
Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. Jim Hopper
Somatic Psychotherapy to Support Individual & Ancestral Healing with Dr. Shena Young

Module 10 – Trauma-Informed Approaches to Supporting Body-Centered Healing with Chauna Bryant, Laura Khoudari and Zabie Yamasaki

Breathwork for Individual and Systemic Trauma Healing with Chauna Bryant
Restoring Capacity through Trauma-Informed Personal Training with Laura Khoudari
Anchoring in the Body through Trauma-Informed Yoga with Zabie Yamasaki

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions about individual and group registration, as well as BIPOC practitioner scholarships, or sign up here to be notified when the course is live.