Diantha Harris


“My vision is to help bring healing to those who seriously seek it, as well as to attend to my own healing. As we each heal individually, we can extend the benefits of that healing exponentially to others in our circle and beyond. My ultimate goal is to help bring healing and positive change to the planet so that we can shift our consciousness to a higher level for the highest good of all and the evolution of Mother Earth.”

Contact Information:

Email:lifepnet@aol.com | Phone: 231-633-5433 | Website: www.lifepotentials.net | Practice Location: Vero Beach, FL, 32963

Professional Information

About Diantha Harris

Diantha Harris, FFS, FSIA, ASID, Rev. has accumulated her knowledge of and experience with energy work, color, spiritual exploration, and healing through nearly seven decades of her life. Her practice began with Interior Design but she soon found she resonated with healing and supportive change for her clients that she found through using color and/or feng shui. Many years later she has added to her toolbox and has several methods to work with clients depending on their location and situation including energy/body work, Floral Acupuncture, and Color Readings, dreamwork, Akashic Records, Fashion Feng Shui, and custom blends of essences and colors. Many of these modalities can be practiced at a distance and about 95% of her work is done long distance via the internet or phone.

Diantha has written an acclaimed book on Color as a healing tool: Simply Color, 2nd Edition, available on her website or amazon.com. Simply Color is used in several classes given by other people and at many workshops worldwide, and is a great resource to have on hand for personal use. In addition, she has created a complete line of color therapy sprays and feng shui sprays which is based on the power of aromatherapy and essences. Her recent book release, Simply Color for Everyday Living takes Diantha’s first book one step further into practical and varied ways to use color in our everyday lives for support and transformation. A powerful group of 25 professionals have contributed to this book to demonstrate how this can be accomplished easily and effortlessly.

Treatment Modalities

In addition to her work utilizing color and energy work as healing modalities, Diantha also provides Akashic Record Readings and can support healing through Fashion Feng Shui.

Akashic Record Readings are taken from the story of your soul from its inception to the present moment. In a reading, which can be done over the phone or on site, we use your name and a prayer to enter your Records. You ask your questions, Diantha will find the answers you are to receive within your Records. Readings are one hour in length and 30 minute Readings are also available.

Fashion Feng Shui is using your clothing choices to feng shui/balance/enhance/support your soul by using the energy of your clothing choices. This is a non-invasive, fun, and very effective way to use energy for healing, support, and comfort.

How Color Therapy and Energy Healing Holistically Address the Impacts of Sexual Violence

The various healing modalities that Diantha utilizes are gentle and non-invasive, two requirements she has for any modality she utilizes in her practice. Her approach to working with clients mimics this gentle, non-intrusive, supportive quality of all of her products. Attending to each individual’s unique life experience, Diantha can create for you a custom blend of essences and fragrances to support you on your healing journey.

Additional Information

I am certified in the following areas and offer the following products to support and complement your healing work.

Certifications – 

  • Healing Touch Practitioner (energy work)
  • Aura Soma Practitioner/Teacher (color therapy)
  • Fashion Feng Shui Practitioner (clothing as a healing tool)
  • Gateway Dreaming Practitioner (dream interpretation)
  • Interior Alignment Practitioner (energy and soul exploration)
  • Floral Acupuncture Practitioner (using flower essences instead of needles for acupuncture)
  • Flora Corona Practitioner (essences: flowers, metals, colors)
  • Akashic Record Reader (see below)
  • American Society of Interior Designers
  • Feng Shui Institute of America (Pyramid School of Feng Shui)
  • Reverend with Universal Brotherhood (weddings, baptisms, funerals, and life passage events)

Products –


I am able to provide sliding-scale services and distance healing.


Learn more about Diantha’s use of color for supporting healing trauma in this teleseminar “Color: An Unexpected Ally in Healing and Support” or read her essay on Color and Healing here.