Color and Healing – Guest Post by Diantha Harris

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Color and Healing – Guest Post by Diantha Harris

Years ago, when I began to study color as a healing tool, I did not realize that I was searching for my own deep healing.  I remember, though, that feeling I had when I first discovered that color packed a wallop far beyond that of the visual kind!

The beginning of my journey in the study of color began when, as an Interior Designer, I went to a lecture in 1985 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago given by Carlton Wagner of the Wagner Color Research Center in California. Mr. Wagner gave an entertaining presentation that positively blew me away, for in it he told us of the psychological impact of color and how to use that for our clients’ well-being.

About ten years later, I discovered a system from England called Aura Soma. This system was used as a tool for developing consciousness and for supporting healing on all levels. I dove into Aura Soma with enthusiasm and ended up becoming a teacher of this system for many years.

Several years later I knew it was time to move on. I realize now that it was very much like the mama bird kicking the baby bird out of the nest whispering “fly, fly now on your own!”

Once on my own, I developed my own line of color products that are based on the power of aromatherapy and essences.  I created formulas for each of 14 colors, capturing the essence of each color and making it easy to add the support that each color brings to us.

For example, Orange is the color to use when healing from abuse, shock, trauma and negative energies. Who among us has not had at least one of those in their life? Several of us have had “all of the above”. When I started on my color healing journey I used a lot of orange – several bottles full in fact and I probably used it by itself for over a year. I could not get enough orange and I didn’t even like the color!

I found out along the way that it is not unusual to dislike the color you need the most. Certainly that was true for me, and once I filled the orange back up in my body, I can now just adore the color!

What happens is that when we need healing for some area in our lives, we use up the color that relates to our challenge.  Our chakra or energy system correlates to the colors of the rainbow and each emotion, each physical challenge, each spiritual challenge, each mental challenge, plus all our organs and systems, relate to these colors. We become depleted in color(s) as we face our challenges. When we do not replenish the color, we can move into illness of all kinds. The importance of using color in our lives as a healing tool cannot be overemphasized. It will well be worth your time to explore color and what it can do for you, and then use it accordingly. Find a good book or website and then consult it as you go through your life’s journey.

In the example I gave above regarding my need for orange, the deficiency had arisen from years of being challenged with abuse issues. As I began to heal from that, I became aware of my need for the color that relates to that issue. My body absorbed a huge quantity of it, and as the color worked its magic, my body needed less of it, until it was “filled up” once again.

Color is a great tool to use. It is readily available in the form of foods or clothing and we often have just what we need without having to purchase a thing. Experiencing heartbreak? Eat a lot of green and red foods. Is memory a problem?  Head towards yellow. Needing spiritual guidance or healing? Blue is your color. Want to do some dreamwork or enhance your meditation or yoga practice? Use purple.

And so on. Truly the list is endless.

Here’s to your color healing journey! Color can be a joyful addition to your life and when you learn to harness its power, there will be no stopping you!

Rainbow blessings to all!


Diantha Harris has accumulated her knowledge of and experience with energy work, color, spiritual exploration, and healing through nearly seven decades of her life. Her practice began with Interior Design but she soon found she resonated with healing and supportive change for her clients that she found through using color and feng shui. Many years later she has added to her toolbox and has several methods to work with clients depending on their location and situation including energy/body work, Floral Acupuncture, and Color Readings, dreamwork, Akashic Records, Fashion Feng Shui, and custom blends of essences and colors. She is the author of the book “Simply Color” and “Simply Color for Everyday Living“, as well as a member of The Breathe Network. Learn more about her practice and healing work with survivors by visiting her practitioner page