Color – An Unexpected Ally in Healing & Support Teleseminar

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Color – An Unexpected Ally in Healing & Support Teleseminar

Color: An Unexpected Ally in Healing and Support

“My vision is to help bring healing to those who seriously seek it, as well as my own healing. As we each heal individually, we can extend the benefits of that healing exponentially to others in our circle and beyond. My ultimate goal is to help bring healing and positive change to the planet so that we can shift our consciousness to a higher level for the highest good of all and the evolution of Mother Earth.” ~Diantha Harris

“Color – An Unexpected Ally in Healing and Support” with Diantha Harris is part of a series of online educational programs that help to increase our community understandings of the nuanced impacts of sexual violence and the many holistic healing art modalities that can facilitate the transformation of trauma. These teleseminars are appropriate for healing arts practitioners, advocates, survivors and their supporters, and anyone wanting to learn more about holistic healing.

In this 27 minute teleseminar you will:

Learn which colors assist survivors in overcoming trauma

Discover the language of color

Find out the myriad ways to bring the healing power of color into your life

Identify whether the colors you dislike may actually be the ones to support and facilitate your healing

About the Presenter: Diantha Harris has accumulated her knowledge of and experience with energy work, color, spiritual exploration, and healing through nearly seven decades of her life. Her practice began with Interior Design but she soon found she resonated with healing and supportive change for her clients that she found through using color and feng shui. She has several methods to work with clients depending on their location and situation including energy/body work, Floral Acupuncture, and Color Readings, dreamwork, Akashic Records and creating custom blends of essences and colors. These various healing modalities are gentle and non-invasive, two requirements Diantha has for any modality she utilizes in her practice. Her approach to working with clients mimics this gentle, non-intrusive, supportive quality of all of her products. Diantha is a certified member of the faculties for both Feng Shui Institute of America (FSIA) and the International Academy of Colour Therapeutics (IACT) and serves as the Color Specialist for FSIA.

Listen here to this informative teleseminar!