Artful Healing: Understanding Art Therapy & Trauma Teleseminar

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Artful Healing: Understanding Art Therapy & Trauma Teleseminar

Artful Healing: Understanding Art Therapy and Trauma

“Creativity is a core part of the self. Tapping into our creative source can help us make sense of what we may not be able to understand cognitively and communicate what we may not be able to say verbally. The act of creating art can be both cathartic and grounding, and reflecting on the art process and product can lead to significant insight that is often unable to be verbalized. Since art making can also evoke insecurities and challenges, my role as an art therapist is to cultivate a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for you to engage in new forms expression and help guide reflection of your work.” ~Kristina Vogt

The Breathe Network will hosted this teleseminar “Artful Healing: Understanding Art Therapy & Trauma” with Kristina Vogt, ATR, LCPC as part of a series of online educational programs to increase our community understandings of the nuanced impacts of sexual violence and the many holistic healing art modalities that can facilitate the transformation of trauma.

This teleseminar offers a brief introduction to the basic principles and approaches of art therapy. We explore the many ways in which creative expression can be a valuable tool in trauma recovery. The facilitator also reviews the impact trauma has on the brain and body and discusses how art therapy can help trauma survivors navigate these impacts and ultimately heal from them. A discussion about the use of different materials, creative activities, and tips for engaging in artful healing is also provided.

Topics include:

Learning basic principles and approaches of art therapy

Understanding the benefits of connecting to the creative source as a form of trauma recovery

Gaining tools to engage in basic art activities as a form of expression, connection, stress reduction, and self-reflection

About the Presenter:

Kristina Vogt, ATR, LCPC, is a psychotherapist at Live Oak, Inc. who specializes in trauma-informed practice, art therapy, and multicultural approaches. Live Oak is also one of The Breathe Network’s affiliated organizations. She provides individual, couples, and family therapy, and runs a monthly creative workshop that provides participants with a judgment-free space for reflective writing and art making. Kristina received her MA in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has previous experience providing home-based art therapy to individuals and families with severe histories of trauma, child welfare involvement, homelessness, attachment issues, and behavioral difficulties. Throughout her practice, Kristina has been dedicated to serving marginalized populations and examining the power of difference and diversity within one’s self and culture. She strives to establish a trusting relationship with each individual and create a safe space for personal reflection and growth.