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Tanisha Richardson“Reverend Tanisha Richardson is a native of Columbus, Ohio and in addition to being an ordained minister, she possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a Masters in Humanities, and is currently a Candidate for a Ph.D. in Multidisciplinary Human Services. Tanisha is also an intuitive counselor and gifted medium, Reiki Practitioner, and certified Meditation Instructor. She will help you explore the deeper and more spiritual meaning of the issues, challenges and opportunities you are facing. It is her honor and pleasure to be of service in this life, to help create a better balance of living and to provide greater hope of loving. Currently, she offers a variety of healing arts and spiritual counseling at Om2Ohm, a healing meditation studio in Powell, Ohio.”

Contact Information:

Email: tanisha_richardson1@yahoo.com | Website: http://www.tanisharichardson.com | Practice Location: Powell, OH

Practice Information

About Reverend Tanisha Richardson

I am a Spiritual Intuitive and enjoy operating in the service of communicating with the metaphysical realm to receive messages and offer soul reflection readings for the people I encounter. The passion I have for learning about society and and cultural differences has lead me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Religion. The devotion I have for humanity ignited the desire to continue my studies and obtain a Master’s in Humanities and Religion. The passion for understanding the worlds beyond and how they affect us has also lead me along this magical journey. Serving as an ordained Metaphysical Minister and spiritual counselor has been my life’s calling, and raising the vibration of humanity along with helping to heal souls with universal love and understanding is the reasoning for my incarnation.


I am a survivor of an abusive household and I understand the importance and need for healing and empowerment of those who have experienced these circumstances. I spent over a decade working at the YMCA with various families who were going through a variety of trials. While at the YMCA, I taught in the childcare field helping to educate children coming from high risk families where abuse and neglect were present. I found it very rewarding to be a part of the lives of the strong individuals and families with whom I worked, who had decided their lives were worth fighting for and I could be of assistance on their path.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

I am interested in working with survivors because of their extremely impacting stories of strength and courage. I believe their level of strength deserves recognition and that their story of survival should have a witness. Survivors who seek their own healing give permission to others to step out and regain power.

Treatment Modalities

The techniques I offer support mental health, healing, growth, and inspiration. I have experience in non-traditional counseling for diverse populations and in my role as an ordained minister, I counsel individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and belief systems. I am a Reiki master which is a technique that involves using energy to heal the individual emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In addition to Reiki and ministry, I am a meditation instructor. Meditation helps to connect with your spirit, find focus, and is a great tool for your overall wellbeing. Finally, I am also an intuitive, receiving messages from angels and the spirit world, and these messages serve the benefit of helping advance you mentally and spiritually.

How Reiki, Intuition and Meditation Holistically Address the Impacts of Sexual Violence

I believe there is a spirit in all of us that shows great courage and strength in times of adversity and also great love. It is my duty to help people find that spirit and strength, to help each one connect with life and their full potential of living. Meditation, Reiki and spiritual counseling can increase energy and awareness of one’s own personal power in addition to understanding the power around you. I use methods that facilitate emotional and mental healing which encourages a person’s growth through personal trauma, along with introducing tools for how to cope with frequent negative emotions and begin healing.

Modifications for Survivors

Comfort, security and safety are always number one in working with anyone on a personal or professional level. I always ask the individual if they are more comfortable sitting, standing, or lying down. If within a session the person becomes uncomfortable, we have the flexibility to choose other positions and we can also include movement if that is preferred.

Additional Expertise

I have spent many years working with at-risk youth and families where the level of abuse varied from emotional, sexual, physical, and mental across different age groups. Working with the YMCA and its affiliate, the YWCA, has allowed me to cross paths with a variety of populations. This experience is the reason why I understand and know how vital access to healing and support is for survival.

Payment Options

I am able to offer a sliding-scale.