Rachel Durchslag

Rachel Durchslag

I moved to Asheville in the winter of 2013 after spending seven years running an anti-human trafficking organization in Chicago. My time in the nonprofit world was amazingly rewarding, and I worked with an incredible staff who did all they could to end sexual exploitation in our city. Though the meaningfulness of our work helped to sustain us, I was constantly aware of the emotional and spiritual toll the work took on each of our lives. In 2012 I began a new journey – one of restoration and rejuvenation. I became a Reiki practitioner to help restore my spirit and then to bring healing into the lives of those with whom I worked.
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Emotional Freedom Technique
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In 2006, I founded a nonprofit organization to fight sexual exploitation and harm in Chicago. Our work focused on ending the perpetration of sexual exploitation. During my time running the organization we implemented the country’s first anti-sexual exploitation curriculum for young men and passed four progressive pieces of legislation to help increase resources for survivors. I also conducted extensive research on men who purchase sex. Additionally, I have served on the board of the Dreamcatcher Foundation which helps prostituted youth, and currently serve on the board of The Breathe Network. In 2014 I launched my organization, EMERGE which helps make energy healing accessible to those in the Asheville community. EMERGE sees clients from all backgrounds, but the emphasis is on providing subsidized healing treatments to those working in nonprofits and those benefiting from supportive social services offered in the community. No one is turned away because I believe that everyone deserves resources to live joyously.

Treatment Modalities

I can offer clients Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnosis. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that works on the chakra system and brings about physical and psychological healing. Emotional Freedom Technique is a type of psychological acupressure that helps move blocked energy and enhances mental and physical functioning. Hypnosis works to bring a person into a trance-like state to give positive suggestions to the subconscious with the goal of bringing about changes in emotional patterns and unhealthy behaviors.


I have worked extensively with survivors of prostitution and rape for the past ten years through an advocacy role. Though I am no longer with my former organization, I still maintain close relationships with my survivor colleagues. Since moving to Asheville, I have become very involved with working with military veterans. Some of them are survivors of sexual assault, but those who have not experienced sexual harm are almost uniformly struggling with PTSD from their time in the armed forces. Using Reiki, hypnosis, and EFT to help them address their PTSD had provided me with valuable experience of ways to work with survivors of trauma.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

Working to end sexual harm has been my life’s work for many years. When I first started doing this work it was in an advocacy capacity. But through my own spiritual growth I have come to understand the importance of providing survivors of all types of trauma with sustainable healing modalities. That is why I began my practice EMERGE – to offer those services to trauma survivors as well as to those working with them.

How My Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Trauma

When someone experiences a trauma of any kind, there is almost uniformly disturbances experienced physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Recovering from trauma is most effective when a multi-pronged healing strategy is employed. Key to that is healing on the energetic level. By using energy healing modalities as a practitioner I can help unblock energy that is harmful and channel in healing energy that facilitates recovery. By working to bring life force energy through reiki and deep relaxation/ego strengthening through hypnosis, I work with survivors to begin to safely let go of stored trauma.

Modifications for Survivors

There are certain practices I employ when working with survivors. The first is I always ask if they are comfortable with light touch during the session. I also clearly articulate the different feelings/sensations that they might experience during the session to normalize whatever they might experience. I also tell them that we can stop at any time, and that any expression of emotion is encouraged and supported. Additionally, I stress confidentiality and always leave time to process after a session.

Other Areas of Expertise

I have worked extensively with survivors of prostitution and rape for the past ten years through an advocacy role. Since moving to Asheville I have become very involved with providing healing support to military veterans. Some of them are survivors of sexual assault, although those who have not experienced sexual harm are almost uniformly struggling with PTSD from their time in the armed forces.

Payment Options

I am able to provide sliding-scale services.

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