Nona Jordan

Nona Jordan

Nona Jordan is a master women’s empowerment coach, yoga teacher, breath facilitator, and energy work practitioner with a corporate background in accounting. She specializes in helping women in business who want to experience success that feels like success on all levels. Together, Nona and her clients create the strong foundation that will support women in aligning their intentions and actions to make their world-changing vision a beautiful reality. Utilizing modern coaching tools, sacred practices and unconventional wisdom, Nona is committed to helping women experience soul-level success that feels enlivening in the day to day doing.
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Energy Healing


For the last ten years, I’ve worked with women in business who seek to grow their work sustainably and to amplify their impact in the world. Often, it is the residual effects of trauma that are silently sidetracking women from realizing their dreams. The coaching and healing work I offer is holistic and trauma-sensitive. When we work together, you will receive traditional coaching, but also the support of appropriate energy medicine and practices that cultivate a foundation on which you can thrive.

I’ve coached and taught thousands of women in business. For four years, I served as a master instructor training life coaches through Martha Beck’s training program. Through my own signature group programs, I’ve worked with women on critical aspects of empowerment including: money, authentic marketing and messaging, cultivating confidence, shamanic and energy practices for clarity and healing, using intuition and voice to reach a wider audience, the practicalities of creating a structure for a successful business and, I’ve run mastermind support circles to help women create success on their terms.

As a survivor of developmental and sexual trauma myself, I’ve spent a great deal of my life intuitively being led to alternative practices and modalities that supported my own healing. I was told I would just have to deal with PTSD forever – I refused to believe that I was forever broken by trauma.

It has been empowering to see scientific research emerge that supports yoga, breath and meditation as deeply supportive practices to help people heal from trauma. Bringing together modern research and coaching tools, practical wisdom on business building and powerful energetic practices of healing, all of my work is supportive for those who have experienced trauma and wish to thrive on a foundation of self-knowledge and strength.

Treatment Modalities

Coaching: I provide safe space as a thought-partner to build your business knowing that developmental and/or sexual trauma responses are likely to be present. I help identify the triggers, reorient the client to the present moment to move forward with compassion and integrity.

Holistic Healing Practices: I offer supportive guidance to develop healing practices that are effective at expanding the window of tolerance and increasing a sense of safety in the body and in the world. Practices include: yoga, breath, meditation and eco-therapy.

Energy Medicine: I offer crystalline consciousness energy work and/or flower essences. Flower essences are a beautiful vibrational medicine that help heal the nervous system and ground you, gently supporting a release of old trauma and patterns that are at odds with the future you wish to create. Crystalline

Consciousness Energy Work is similar to Reiki however, it calls on the crystalline energy networks of the body and the Universe to promote healing based on intentions.


Approximately 75% – 80% of the women in my practice identify themselves as having experienced developmental trauma, often sexual and/or emotional in nature. These women often struggle to build a foundation of wellness, or find their systems are disorganized and chaotic or they are terrified to share their voice or invite people into their work. With very little exception, this is a trauma-response for these women. There is often shame or frustration: Why is this still an issue? Why am I still dealing with this? Why can’t I figure this out?

Many of the issues women face in business are unconscious recreations of traumatic patterns that are asking to be healed and integrated on a deeper level. Often, the response women have to their struggles adds violence (more trauma) to an already tender situation. I don’t see the work I do as helping women “get over” trauma. My deep belief is that you, and I, are better when we create strong foundations that honor the trauma we’ve experienced. We can be sensitive to our traumatic past in how we live our lives and build our business and in doing so, we restore our innate capacity to handle challenges with grace – you know, like growing a business of meaning.

By acknowledging that trauma is playing a role in how women respond to building their work, it eases the pressure and brings compassion into the situation. From there, we can look at what’s happening in real-time, and distinguish what’s real today from what was real in the past. We can gently build habits of self-care that nurture and calm the nervous system and use that success to build systems that support the business.

I often bring in yoga, breath or meditation and I often offer flower essences to help heal the nervous system as well as energy work based on intention. I take a very practical approach, using ancient practices to support clarity, healing and restoration while holding space for women to work at their uncomfortable edge and expand their window of tolerance so they can share their work and grow their business. We can be trauma-sensitive in how we approach ourselves and our work and in doing so, we can move beyond letting trauma derail our desires.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

I am interested in supporting survivors because I am a survivor. Following the path of healing has been, and continues to be, a major facet of my life. After years of therapy, yoga, shamanic work, healings, energy work – you name it, I’ve done it – I feel whole and free. It doesn’t mean I don’t take exquisite care of myself. It doesn’t mean I don’t get triggered. What it does mean is that I know I’m safe, whole and healed even though I am a trauma survivor. I have a tremendous amount of light and love to offer those who are struggling. I have a lot of practical skills to share and a perspective that is grounded and supportive.

It is my life’s work to share what I know with others. Women who have survived trauma have so much to offer the world and the residual effects of trauma should not be what stops women from growing businesses and work that will change the world for the better.

My Approach to Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care in my practice is, first and foremost, creating a safe space for my clients and acknowledging the trauma and bringing it into the conversation. These two elements are deeply healing for the client.

Second, I always begin the conversation about business growth with nervous system stabilization through yoga, breath, nature, sleep and self-care. This is always done as an invitation and with choices (also to bring a sense of safety and empowerment back to the client) with the explicit conversation about the impact trauma has on the nervous system. We talk at length about safety and being embodied and caring for the physical self as being paramount to not only healing, but as a foundation for building and growing a business that will undoubtedly trigger a trauma response in some way or another.

I offer optional healing modalities (energy work and flower essences) if that feels supportive for the client. Again, safety, choice and sovereignty are always at the forefront of everything I offer from coaching to energy work for the client. At every step of the business building process, no matter what arises, we are looking for signs of trauma response and adjusting accordingly, to honor the trauma and to work with it, instead of being stopped by it.

How My Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Trauma

Because my work is with women who are building businesses, they often would like to jump right into the juicy stuff: marketing, getting clients, expanding their network. I am all for it! However, by the time women get to me, they are often frustrated because they WANT to do these things but they are finding themselves in a state of resistance, or distraction or so anxious that they can’t do what they need to do.

We work with the practical aspects of building a business of meaning, but we are also tending the very real needs of a woman who has experienced trauma. We work on building and strengthening her foundation: the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies that are being activated by the effort of business building.

We work on all levels, with awareness and compassion, to soothe the physical body, to align the energy for healing, to release and feel the emotions and to call on spiritual support for protection. Coaching sessions pull all of this together and meet the client exactly where they are to support healing, stability and strength while doing the practical work of building systems, marketing, client work, etc.

It’s a holistic approach that honors trauma every step of the way.

Modifications for Survivors

I can, and do, modify treatment to increase safety by tuning into client responses, offering more choices, slowing down any given process, returning to the body and the breath gently. I also have psychotherapists who are trauma specialists whom I can refer to if the client needs clinical support. As we begin working together, I offer an initial consult and lay everything out as clearly as possible so any anxiety about beginning something new is mitigated as much as possible.

Payment Options

I accept credit cards, PayPal and offer a sliding-scale payment option.

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