Greg Wieting

Greg Wieting

Greg Wieting is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Working with BodyTalk, a comprehensive healthcare system, allows Greg to provide personalized care that honors the precise needs of each client. Instead of a cookie cutter approach to healthcare, Greg addresses the unique makeup of each client. This ensures he can provide the most substantive, sustainable and safe care possible.
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Greg draws upon over a decade of clinical practice. He shares the very practices that have helped him heal from sexual abuse, trauma, depression, chronic pain and scoliosis. He brings a deep sensitivity, playfulness and humility to his work and views BodyTalk as a paradigm shift in how we approach health and vital living.

Greg is also the founder of The Resilience Project, an integrated Reiki & Meditation Training Program. This Reiki Practitioner Certification and Lifestyle Enhancement Program helps students reclaim healing touch in support of their health and development. The program also equips healthcare professionals with trauma sensitivity and practices to support their own health and awareness.

Treatment Modalities

BodyTalk addresses the full story of our life and health understanding that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are part of the whole. By consulting the client’s innate wisdom, the body calls the shots and guides the flow of each session. Instead of chasing symptoms BodyTalk helps reset nervous system awareness so clients can return to their inherent state of balance on their own terms. This takes the fear out of healthcare so it can be a creative and life affirming path of exploring potential.

BodyTalk is Comprehensive Healthcare Designed by You-

The Journal of Pain Management 2015; 7 (4): 279-290 documents that BodyTalk treatments yield significant improvements in pain level and associated symptoms including anxiety, depression, and fatigue. These findings will also be published in the 2014 Yearbook of Pain Management. You can read about the study here.

Health Is Wholeness. BodyTalk Synchronizes Communication So Your Body Can Function As A Whole-

You can think of the body as a symphony orchestra. Each organ, body part, aspect of the brain, physiological function, hormone, emotion, memory and belief are all part of the whole. When all the different parts of the symphony are in tune, and communicating with one another, we hear sweet music and experience health.

Stress, trauma, environmental toxins and influences can all compromise how the body functions as a whole. Sometimes the different parts of the body stop communicating with one another effectively. Internal communication can become short circuited and the body’s systems begin to break down. Then symptoms, illness and disease creep in and get in the way of our potential.

BodyTalk To The Rescue-

The healing mechanism that heals a paper cut, or a sprained ankle can be likened to the conductor of the symphony orchestra that we are. BodyTalk consults the conductor – the body’s innate wisdom – to help catalyze healing in a safe, sustainable and effective manner. The body is designed to heal and BodyTalk helps it remember. This way our health can get back online and function as nature intended.


A large percentage of my BodyTalk clients and Reiki students are survivors of sexual violence. What I find most compelling about both practices is that they meet each individual precisely where they are. Each practice helps us access our own inner resources for healing. This allows us to open to healing and balance in a sequenced progression that most honors our precise needs. It also helps address trauma within the context of all other aspects of our health – emotional/hormonal balance, physiology/psychology, behavior and environment. This way as trauma heals it can integrate within the greater context of our overall health. This makes it very practical and relevant to the full realization of our lives.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

I firmly believe in the profound application BodyTalk has to meet the unique needs of survivors. Instead of just addressing trauma, BodyTalk addresses all of us. This way the full story of our health and our life is addressed to bring balance from the inside out. This way the body has the integrity to harmonize and address trauma on its own terms. This is incredibly honoring. Instead of looking at trauma as something that needs to be treated or addressed, BodyTalk helps the entire system return to its understanding of wholeness. This allows it to reorganize and heal itself deeply on all levels. Being a survivor myself, I feel deeply committed to bringing BodyTalk to other survivors as I know how deeply it has impacted my own growth and healing.

My Approach to Trauma-Informed Care

Do no harm. Honor people where they are. Hold space for what is. Never force the process. Never make assumptions. Allow the process of healing to unfold organically. I have learned to heal through my own trauma by reclaiming the healing power of touch. We first touch one another with our awareness so trauma-informed care begins with a quality of awareness – how we show up to the space and one another. This awareness then informs a sensitivity to respond to what is by letting go of attachment to outcome or agenda to support what’s arising instead of forcing something to happen.

Trauma-informed care is about holding space, not willing it. It’s about holding space with palms and arms wide open, letting go of the grip and creating an environment where people can return to the emergence of their own natural intelligence. It is recognizing the profound resources that are within each of us and accessing them in the most meaningful and relevant way possible – on the client’s terms. This way each individual can reorganize and restructure their life and their health according to their innate wisdom.

How My Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Trauma

Access Inner Resources For Healing – BodyTalk uses neuromuscular biofeedback, a subtle form of muscle testing, to consult your body’s intelligence and provide completely personalized care. Through the muscle testing I ask very specific yes/no questions to determine what the priority is to restore internal communication. This highlights the communication breakdowns that are getting in the way of your body “talking” and functioning as a whole.

I then use gentle tapping over the crown of your head and your heart. This helps the brain register the new pathways of communication that want to come back online in the unique sequence appropriate for you. It then synchronizes the entire body to the new found balance through the heart (the largest electromagnetic field in the body). This way new changes to your health are “memorized by heart”. Instead of a temporary fix that is short lived, we establish a long lasting change in your health.

By sorting out the unique causative factors at play beneath your health concerns we can ensure healthcare that meets your precise needs.

Symptoms Are The Tip Of The Iceberg – Instead of chasing or treating symptoms BodyTalk unravels what rests beneath the surface of your health concerns. This way you can tap into your potential and heal deeply on all levels. Instead of a top-down approach to healing we will explore your potential from within. By getting all of the different parts of your body talking it helps your system function as a whole so it can heal all on its own, naturally. This shifts the system out of a perpetual fight or flight stress response and you get better.

When it comes to addressing trauma and sexual violence BodyTalk is helping each individual come into a more neutral relationship with themselves and the world. This helps lessen the charge of triggers so there is a more harmonious flow of health and life. It helps disassociate active memories making them passive so they no longer have a hold or charge in our lives. BodyTalk does this so beautifully by honoring the sequence in which memories, beliefs and traumas want to be addressed according to the bigger picture of health at play. This way, instead of treating trauma symptomatically, BodyTalk is addressing all of the causative, contributing and compensating factors at once.

Modifications for Survivors

Since I’m asking the body’s wisdom precisely what it needs, this also goes for how I will approach the session. Sometimes the body will indicate to work hands off. Other times the body will instruct me to ask for permission or speak into the physical touch that will be used in the session. This way people feel very honored and met just where they are. I can also work remotely or at a distance with BodyTalk. This way anyone can receive care regardless of their ability to receive touch. Aside from the very honoring application of BodyTalk all of my work with clients is founded upon open communication and permission.

Payment Options

I am able to offer a sliding-scale to clients.

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