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Paul Weitz

“I have worked with many people with varying conditions including physical issues, anxiety and depression, substance abuse recovery, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, trauma and others.  With twenty years of experience in the field of healing, I have supported thousands of people to find greater health and wholeness through the benefits of yoga and Thai bodywork.  I am certified in teaching yoga, Thai Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, and I have a Masters in Applied Psychology and have been a featured presenter at the Yoga Journal Conference.”

Contact Information:

Email: | Phone: 847-501-0689 |  Practice Location: 613 Hinman Ave, Apt 2E; Evanston, IL 60202

Practice Information

About Paul Weitz

I have worked with many people with varying conditions including physical issues, anxiety and depression, substance abuse recovery, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, trauma and others. Although I haven’t dealt directly with issues of sexual violence or trauma, I feel that applying my training and experience with the principles of yoga, Ayurveda, heart-centered listening and compassion will go a long way in supporting people on their path to recovery. That said, I understand there is always more to learn and refine when working with any population. I have an MA in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, which I believe will serve as an important resource in assisting others and working with this population.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

Sexual issues and sexual abuse are at the root of many of the problems in our world cultures today.  There is a deep imbalance between men and women that manifests as sexual aggression, disrespect, fear and a desire for domination.  In working with this population, I hope to support others and myself in the process of evolving past these limiting ways of thinking to a place of empowerment.  We all suffer from past hurts and traumas and truly helping one person heal helps everyone.

Treatment Modalities

I draw on over fifteen years of yoga teaching experience, as well as Ayurveda, psychology and Thai Massage.  Each individual is seen as unique and whole. Imbalances are identified through heart-centered listening, observation and an intake of lifestyle habits. Then techniques are prescribed such as a sequence of yoga postures, breath work, visualization, relaxation, meditation, acupressure and assisted stretching.

How Yoga and Ayurveda Holistically Address the Impacts of Sexual Violence

Mental and emotional trauma undoubtedly becomes held in the tissues of the physical body.  Chronic patterns of holding tension and stress, most often unconscious, develop as a way of coping or protecting oneself. Through yoga, we gently introduce the client to specific movements and a sequence of postures and link them together with conscious breathing. In this way, we begin to shift and change the patterns of the body, which is also healing for the corresponding patterns of negative thoughts and emotions. Assisting the client in becoming aware of these connections and holding patterns while they work through them is the key to helping them let go of the trauma. So conscious relaxation, mindfulness and re-framing become important tools as well. It takes patience, compassion and practice.

Modifications for Survivors

Every person is addressed as unique. Both Ayurveda and yoga follow the principle of beginning gently and proceeding with sensitivity and intelligence. Safety is always first. As a practitioner, it is essential to listen very carefully to what the client shares both verbally and non-verbally and to earn their trust over time. The greater the trust, the more healing can occur.

Additional Areas of Expertise

I currently teach a weekly yoga class to developmentally disabled individuals. Parents often join in as well. Some practice in wheel chairs, others can stand, others are in strong physical health. I modify for each person and they all seem to get a lot of benefit. I also teach yoga three times a week at a substance abuse recovery program. The clients vary widely in age and ability, and it is a joy to watch each person evolve and grow. Many have gone on to make yoga a regular part of their lives after the program.

Payment Options

I am able to offer sliding-scale treatments.