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Magdalena Weinstein“Magdalena Weinstein, SEP (she, her), bilingual and bicultural, is a Somatic Trauma Specialist that offers interventions using Somatic Experiencing®, Touch Skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), Parts Work, and Brain-Based integration. Blending the fields of Somatics, Neurology and Social Justice, she is committed to helping individuals and groups transition towards personal, ancestral and collective trauma healing, somatic liberation, and ultimately being at home and at ease in themselves, and the world.”

Contact Information:

Email: | Website: | Facebook: @magdalena.weinstein | Instagram: @magdalenaweinstein | Practice Location: Fort Bragg, CA

Professional Information

About Magdalena Weinstein

Magdelena Weinstein specializes in developmental and complex trauma, C-PTSD, PTSD, chronic conditions, domestic violence and sexual assault trauma, and social justice dynamics including racial trauma, immigration trauma and war trauma. Originally from Chile, she was born and raised in Dictatorship in Chile for her first 17 years of life and immigrated to the USA in 2004 in her 30’s.

She currently lives in Mendocino, Northern California (unceded Pomo Territory), with her husband, their two kids, two dogs, cat and hamster. She has a private practice in her home studio where she sees clients live and online, teaches yearly immersions on empowerment, liberation, regulation and creativity, works as a Crisis Counselor with Project Sanctuary, a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Center, is an assistant for Somatic Experiencing Institute Trainings and she is also the creator and host of the Embodiment Time Podcast. Magdalena earned a BA in Design, with 10 years work experience in art exhibition and design and communication advertisement, before transitioning towards the healing arts.


I am a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis counselor in Fort Bragg, CA, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Touch work practitioner. I work across many identities and genders, but mostly with people with historical/ongoing oppression and marginalization. My identity is BIPOC and South American.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

I am also a survivor of sexual abuse.

My Understanding of Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care is done by utilizing tools, frames, approaches, language, touch, gestures and even suggestions that are gentle, trauma sensitive, and considerate about the fact that this person or group of people have (or currently are) experienced/experiencing trauma, therefore my relation with them needs to be first and foremost about building safe connection, consent and boundaries for them, to help them build again their empowerment, agency and capacities to say no at any time, to direct their experience, to lead and be deeply respected and honored, and with an approach that does not re-traumatize them.


I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), a Touch Skills Practitioner (TST), a Safe and Sound Protocol Provider (SSP), a Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Crisis Counselor, a Yoga and Movement Integration Teacher and a NLP and hypnosis coach.

How My Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Trauma

I utilize several modalities and approaches that address the trauma of sexual violence. For some trauma survivors it is working with global high activation related to near death survival, for others it is working with a layered experience of shame and self hatred, for others it is a deep freeze and shut down that needs to be addressed. All of them are approached from a physiological, systemic, and attachment-based angle. Sometimes we work on the attachment and safety piece, other times in the survival physiology aspects, like the global activation, the thwarted fight or flee, or in unfreezing the freeze and shut down. For several clients it has been about fawning and appeasing, others struggle with digestion of the events. It could have been while growing up and there is a need to integrate more pieces of development into the work like reflexes, integration of brain hemispheres, organs waking up, brain and gut relationship, the pelvic floor and organs of sexuality. This can be done without any touch, just by focusing the mind in this area, or eventually with a little bit of touch.


I modify my practice in many ways. If I usually use touch. I might avoid it and work around boundaries, agency and consent for a long time before any type of touch occurs. There are many other ways of working with empowering people that have experienced sexual violence.

Additional Areas of Expertise

I am a crisis counselor with a rape crisis center in Fort Bragg, CA. I have also trained with Resmaa Menakem, TRACC 4 Movements and the Strozzi Institute.

Accountability Statement

I am a Somatic Experiencing Institute training assistant and constantly supervised by a group of SEP and TST teachers and mentors. I am also supervised and monitored by the Rape Crisis Center where I work. I also have a mentor in my coaching practice.

Payment Options

I offer a sliding-scale and can be paid through Venmo, PayPal or cash.

Payment Options

I offer multiple payment options and once per quarter, offer a scholarship.