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“The mission of HoloBeing LLC is to assist individuals in the journey toward authentic Selfhood. The idea stems from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’ and the idea that we as Beings are intrinsically tending toward our own health. At HoloBeing LLC we provide psychotherapy and holistic wellness services in Boulder, CO. We believe that the therapeutic relationship will bring insight to your relationships with others and with yourself… providing a unique opportunity to learn and grow.”

Organization Contact Information:

Email:Lesley@holobeingllc.com | Website: www.holobeing.com | Phone: 720-244-9665 | Practice Location: 3008 Folsom St., Boulder, CO, 80304

Organization Practice Information

About HoloBeing, LLC

All HoloBeing practitioners are educated in a mind/body/spirit approach to healing. With an in-house Transpersonal Therapist specializing in Survivors of Sexual Violence all practitioners receive up-to-date information and research on current skill sets for working with this population. Psycho-education, workshops and peer support/ process groups are offered to HoloBeing practitioners quarterly or upon request.

All of our modalities at HoloBeing support embodied healing. We currently house twelve holistic practitioners. Among these are six psychotherapists; all with Masters degrees from Naropa University’s Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Program. HoloBeing offers a certified Rolfer, Five-Elements Acupuncturist, Thai/ Shiatsu/ Deep issue Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher/ Coach, Nutritional Therapist, and Zen/ Embodiment Coach. All practitioners work independently and in collaboration with each other to provide integrative and comprehensive services to the client we serve.

HoloBeing takes a holistic approach to all cases. Our organization understands the physical, mental and spiritual/ energetic effect experiences by survivors and caters to individuals’ symptoms on all levels.

We are equipped to tighten our therapeutic container to address the particular needs of the survivor population, etc. When we hold Survivors groups we offer strict confidentiality, and an environment of deep acceptance and compassion. We recognize that healing these types of wounds requires massive amounts of bravery on the survivors end. We deeply honor and respect that courage and match our clients by showing-up fully and authentically.

All of our practitioners agree to slide for The Breathe Network clients and provide comprehensive services to all The Breathe Network clients in the same way we would for the general public, ie. For each three sessions a client has with any of our practitioners, we will collaborate as practitioners on behalf of that client for 1 hour.

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Specialties Offered by the Staff at HoloBeing:

Our practitioners specialize in many modalities and have expertise in diverse populations and communities.

Meet our practitioners!

HoloBeing LLC was created in 2011 to meet community needs for quality psychotherapy services for the Boulder area.

At HoloBeing we believe that wounding occurs in relationship and therefore the way to change and move beyond our wounds is to heal in relationship. We encourage people to become aware of their experiences as they occur in the moment, and to then move into deeper contact with their emotions and feelings. Through deep contact with thoughts and feelings, new patterns can be created, and change can occur. Change in the desired direction brings empowerment and a greater sense of well-being and health.

At HoloBeing we utilize a client-centered, humanistic and eclectic approach, incorporating various techniques and modes of treatment. Some of these techniques include Gestalt Therapy, Body Centered Therapy, Mindfulness skills, Conflict Resolution and Crisis Intervention.