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The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)

RAINN provides live help for survivors sexual violence that is free, confidential and secure. Operation is 24 hours a day. Volunteers and staff at this call center are trained on issues surrounding sexual violence and can provide support and information about individual or group counseling, medical attention, reporting a crime to law enforcement as well as many other services.


RAINN Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
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Medical & Legal Advocacy and Counseling

Locate the sexual assault crisis center nearest to you.

International Resources

International resources available here

Military Personnel

Safe Helpline services are provided by RAINN through a contract with the Department of Defense’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office — however, your information will remain confidential. RAINN will not share your name or any other personally identifying information with SAPRO or your chain of command.

FAQs and Other Information

Frequently Asked Questions From Survivors

On this page you will find information about the resources we provide and both the rationale and the research behind our mission and vision. We include information about what, in our perspective, constitutes an embodied approach to healing, how holistic healing practices differ from and also complement conventional health, wellness, and medical practices, exploring resilience and nonlinear healing, describing trauma-informed care, understanding the spectrum of sexual violence and sexual trauma, and more. For a summary of our services and information about our work, you are also welcome to download this pdf copy of our brochure.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Practitioners

Are you curious about joining The Breathe Network and interested in how aligning your practice with our organization might benefit your work? Would you like to learn more about our strategy to connect survivors across the country with sliding-scale, trauma-informed, holistic health and healing practitioners? Are you a conventional healthcare provider (medical doctor, dentist, physical therapist, etc.) who holds interest in bringing a more trauma-informed approach to your work?

We have compiled a list of questions from health and healing professionals that we have received with the most frequency. Read on to learn more about the application process, experience and education expectations, trauma training, and support we offer our to our members.

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Resources for Healing & Learning

How a person is impacted by sexual trauma can be very much connected to how other experiences of individual, collective, and historical trauma has accumulated in their body and psyche. This can include direct or intergenerational experiences and impacts of white supremacy, racism, colorism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, and cissexism. In truth, most survivors are handling the residue of a combination of multiple forms of trauma and oppression.

We encourage our community to recognize how sexual violence is interconnected with and compounded by other forms of harm. We invite you to look at the many other aspects of identity and life circumstances that influence vulnerability to sexual violence, how people (including first responders, advocates, and healers) respond to survivors, and how survivors are or are not able to access trusted and supportive systems of care.

There are an increasing number of organizations and practitioners who focus on ensuring healing for specific groups of survivors who have been under-resourced by mainstream health and healing institutions and providers. This includes trans survivors, male survivors, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color survivors, queer survivors, survivors with disabilities, undocumented survivors, incarcerated survivors, and more. Many of these organizations not only provide direct services, yet also training and education.

Below you will find an ever-growing list of resources that includes individuals and organizations whose work helps to provide historical and social context for the epidemic of sexual violence and how survivors are impacted, as well as resources to assist survivor communities in accessing healing, safety, and belonging.


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About The Breathe Network

Users of The Breathe Network’s resources assume responsibility for evaluating and selecting the providers included in our network. Please discuss your specific needs with the provider to determine whether they have the skills to assist you in your healing.

The Breathe Network, Inc. is organized as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, therefore the full amount of contributions made to our organization are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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