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Dee Crowley“Dee is a Body-Inclusive Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice in the Chicago area and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Dee has completed numerous post graduate certifications in trauma treatment, including becoming a registered trauma-sensitive yoga instructor, in order to specialize in working with individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives. She has a strong commitment to safely inviting the full self; body, mind and intuitive/wisdom center into the therapeutic process – creating opportunities for insights into thoughts, emotions and behaviors that support and empower her clients.”

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Email: | Practice Location: 5225 Old Orchard Road, Suite 24-B, Skokie, IL, 60077

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About Dee Crowley

Dee has a strong commitment to safely inviting the full self; body, mind and the intuitive/spiritual center into the therapeutic process – creating opportunities for insights into thoughts, emotions and behaviors that support and empower clients healing, growth and change. Dee utilizes traditional psychological theories and body-inclusive techniques along with various spiritual tools to support the healing process.

Experience Working With Survivors

I have extensive experience working with individuals who find themselves struggling with the impact of sexual/domestic violence. Issues with nervous system regulation, disordered eating, loss and grief, depression and anxiety, attachment concerns, relationship challenges and spiritual devastation and confusion. I have worked with clients in both individual and group sessions. Prior to entering private practice I was the founder and Director of the Body-Integration Program at The Center For Contextual Change – a center exclusively devoted to the treatment of survivors of sexual/domestic violence.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

The desire to accompany survivors of violence on their journey of healing was my motivation for entering the field of psychotherapy. Through my own journey of healing I returned to the belief that a sense of safety, internal peace, love, and joy are our birthright. Violence steals these precious rights. Healing is possible. I also believe that in whatever ways we feel called, there is a duty to participate in the care and healing of our collective fellow beings. Working as a holistic trauma psychotherapist is my contribution to this belief.

Treatment Modality

As an experienced trauma therapist I understand that there are thankfully numerous modalities that can offer healing opportunities for survivors. Along with traditional talk therapy I offer clients the invaluable opportunity to befriend their body again in a safe, therapeutic way. Modalities I offer my clients to incorporate into their sessions are art therapy, writing, mindfulness, meditation, mantra, breath work, yoga, guided imagery and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and energy awareness. I utilize Becoming Safely Embodied and Safely Attached curriculum as well as DBT, LifeForce Yoga and Yoga Nidra. The Clinical Social Work Journal 2014 published an article I co-Authored with Peg Duros, LCSW, The Body Comes to Therapy Too, which synthesizes current information on traumatic stress, the neurobiology of trauma, and evidence-based, body-integrative interventions for healing and resilience.

How Body-Inclusive Psychotherapy Holistically Addresses the Impact of Sexual Violence

Recent modern technology has proven that emotions are accompanied by chemical responses that cause changes in the brain and physical body. I utilize therapeutic interventions that produce physical/bio-chemical and psychological change by working with the nervous system. This framework for therapy greatly reduces the self-blame and shame of survivor’s symptoms. Clients issues are explored in a non-judgmental, compassionate curious way. My practice focuses on the resiliencies of my clients therefore seeking to embrace coping skills/trauma responses as survival skills that have perhaps outlived their usefulness or necessity. Focusing on safety in the therapeutic relationship and the belief that everyone has a healer within, I encourage my clients to access their own innate wisdom and intuition to explore healing modalities that meet their personal needs, desires and comfort level. The full self; body, mind and spirit are encouraged and welcomed to safely join the healing process and I openly offer clients the opportunity to explore how their trauma experience may have impacted their spiritual understanding/beliefs.

Modifications for Survivors

By overtly engaging in conversations at the beginning of treatment and with ongoing regularity during treatment about safety, the collaborative therapeutic process and power dynamics, I ensure my clients that they are in control of their process. I am here as a wise compassionate guide only by their invitation – to hopefully help illuminate the path to their healing.

Additional Expertise

Trainings Facilitated for Mental Health Professionals

De-Mystifying Yoga in Clinical Practice, Bridging Mind and Body Psychotherapy & The Body, Safe Keeping the Self, Success Over Stress (Training for Mental Health Professionals, Educators, Nursing and Medical Professionals)