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Centered Therapy Chicago

“Centered Therapy Chicago (CTC) is a small group psychotherapy practice in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago (near Lincoln Square, Andersonville, Roscoe Village, Ravenswood, and Lakeview). Our therapists are dedicated to working with clients to improve their quality of life and make important changes through individual, couples and family therapy. We work with people of all ages, all backgrounds, and from all walks of life.” 

Contact Information:

Email: | Phone: 773-569-1426 | Website: | Facebook: | Business Address: 4124 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Practice Information

About Centered Therapy Chicago

We view clients from a holistic perspective looking at all of the important areas of your life when working with you. We take a mind/body/spirit approach to our work and are happy to collaborate with other wellness professionals to help you. We build upon traditional evidence-based practices and also integrate mindfulness, meditation, movement, creative/expressive therapies, and somatic approaches as needed.


The clinicians at CTC include three Licensed Clinical Psychologists, two pre-licensed doctoral level therapists, two Licensed Clinical Social Worker, one Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and one pre-doctoral therapist in training.  Our clinicians have been dedicated to healing trauma through research and evidence-based treatment throughout their careers and graduate studies. In addition, CTC encourages ongoing education on treating trauma in a holistic manner, which includes didactic training on the mind-body connection and case consultation. Many of the clinicians at CTC have also studied the bio-psycho-social model for understanding acute and prolonged trauma in individuals and families. Lastly, several of our therapists have specialized training in working with certain populations who are vulnerable to becoming victims of trauma, such as working with war refugees and survivors of torture, veterans, the LGBTQ community, ethnic and socioeconomic minorities, and developmentally delayed individuals.

Our clinicians have a range of experience working with survivors of sexual violence and trauma, including acute instances of rape or sexual trauma, prolonged and chronic sexual trauma, such as ongoing childhood sexual abuse or domestic violence, and multigenerational trauma in which sexual violence has occurred in multiple generations of the family. We offer a holistic perspective on treating sexual trauma, which includes traditional talk therapy, relational therapy, relational cultural therapy/feminist therapy, yoga-informed therapy, somatic experiencing, EMDR, and mindfulness approaches. We also regularly collaborate with other mind/body practitioners.


We offer the following treatment modalities at CTC: individual, child, couples, and family therapy.

Our Approach to Trauma-Informed Care

At Centered Therapy Chicago, providing trauma-informed care means understanding the extensive impact that trauma has on the mind, body, and soul, and utilizing that knowledge to understand each individual’s unique experience. We engage in ongoing professional training and consultation about best practices in trauma treatment.  We aim to empower survivors of trauma while gently guiding them in their own journey of healing. We emphasize the importance of collaborating with other practitioners and recognizing the utility of mind-body therapeutic work. In addition, clinicians at CTC are practiced at taking personal inventories and utilizing self-care in order to maintain trauma stewardship.

How Our Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Violence

We are dedicated to working with the whole person. We continuously educate ourselves on the impact and healing of traumatic experiences through didactic training, case consultation, as well as consulting with our client’s other practitioners.  We complete a holistic assessment with our clients and work with clients to adjust their lifestyle and health practices to support their healing process. We utilize creative interventions to assist our clients in their healing process. Thus, we place great importance on our clients’ whole being, which includes their psychological, cognitive, spiritual, and physical well-being. We regularly collaborate with medical and holistic practitioners who work with our clients.

We practice from a culturally competent and systemic lens. We understand both the macro and micro system issues that contribute the experience of trauma. We regularly address historic, systemic, intergenerational, and cultural factors that impact the experience of trauma.


We understand the importance of creating safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship. We create safety and trust by educating the client on the therapeutic process and providing psycho-education about trauma and the impact of trauma on a client’s mind and body. We utilize a strength-based approach to our work and normalize the emotional and physiological symptoms of trauma. In addition, we teach our client skills to assist them in managing their trauma responses. We also understand the importance of empowerment and consent. For example, we inform clients about our interventions and ask/check in with the client before proceeding with the intervention. We regularly inform the client that sharing/participating is always their choice. In addition, clinicians at Centered Therapy Chicago recognize a hierarchy of needs for survivors of trauma, and help the client prioritize their needs during the process of healing. We adhere to Judith Herman’s model of trauma recovery, where client safety is our priority. We take a body-focused approach to treatment often first focusing on establishing safety within the therapeutic relationship and space. We also teach clients how to better manage their nervous systems so they feel an increased sense of safety within their own body.

In addition, the therapists at CTC place great emphasis on doing their own work in trauma stewardship. It is essential to be mindful of our own well-being while working with survivors of trauma to provide a healing space. Thus, our clinicians are consistent with taking personal inventories and implementing self-care.

Additional Areas of Expertise/Interest

At CTC, we take great care to advocate for our clients. We understand that speaking the unspeakable or feeling what might naturally be avoided is a challenge that is sometimes necessary in healing. We come from a feminist psychology perspective, and strive to empower our clients. As a result, clinicians at CTC often look for opportunities to decrease stigma regarding trauma and mental health. We like to speak to the community in forums, write blog posts, and network with other small businesses in the area in order diminish stigma and bring healing to the community.

Payment Options

CTC accepts BCBS PPO and Blue Choice.  We offer a sliding-scale to those who do not have health insurance and cannot afford the full fee. Our clinicians work closely with each client to ensure that healing is accessible.