Embodied Healing for Survivors of Sexual Violence – Practitioner Training

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Embodied Healing for Survivors of Sexual Violence Practitioner Training

Infusing Your Healing Arts Practice with a Trauma-Informed Lens

Embodied Healing Training Boulder

In this innovative training for healing arts practitioners, you will enhance your understanding of the impacts of sexual violence while gaining skills in providing trauma-informed care. Drawing from personal testimony, cutting-edge research and professional insights, our team provides tools and resources to assist you in fostering a trauma-informed environment in a variety of healing settings. Our time together includes both lecture and experiential mindfulness, breathing and movement practices and will draw from a variety of holistic healing arts modalities including bodytalk, reiki, yoga, dance/movement therapy and more.

Saturday, April 16th, 2016
10am – 6pm at HoloBeing, LLC
3008 Folsom St. Boulder, CO

Training Faculty-

Johanna Alper, Classical Five Element Acupuncture

Marissa Angeletti, Dance/Movement Therapy

Molly Boeder Harris, Yoga

Greg Wieting, Bodytalk

About HoloBeing, LLC

The mission of HoloBeing LLC is to assist individuals in the journey toward authentic Selfhood. The idea stems from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’ and the idea that we as Beings are intrinsically tending toward our own health. HoloBeing provides psychotherapy and holistic wellness services in Boulder, CO. We believe that the therapeutic relationship will bring insight to your relationships with others and with yourself, providing a unique opportunity to learn and grow. HoloBeing is an organizational member of The Breathe Network.


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