Jessica Schaffer

Jessica Schaffer

Comment(s) August 23, 2016

“Since 1998, Jessica Schaffer, Nervous System Health Educator, has been guiding people towards a more authentic relationship with their bodies and their overall health. Jessica maintained a successful private practice in Portland, Oregon for 20 years where she offered support for individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. She now offers an educational and wellness model, Nervous […]Read More

Lumos Logo

Lumos Transforms

Comment(s) April 24, 2016

“Lumos Transforms, formerly TRE Los Angeles, was founded in 2016 to implement effective, simple stress-reduction solutions that build capacity and resilience for individuals, communities, and organizations. Our signature program, The Resilience Toolkit, offers people accessible tools for self-regulation that help restore a sense of calm within. With therapeutic guidance on mindful attention to physical and […]Read More