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Jordan Boehler“Jordan Boehler, LCSW, is a Rapid Resolution Therapist in the Bay Area in California who is also licensed in Florida. He specializes in resolving sexual trauma, shame, and panic quickly, safely, and completely.”

Contact Information:

Email: | Website: | Phone: 925-264-9739 | Facebook: @Mind.Mechanic.RRT | Instagram: @the_mindmechanic | Twitter: @mindmechanicrrt | Practice Location: San Ramon, California but provides all services virtually via Google Meet or Psychology Today’s Sessions Applet

Practice Information


As a member of the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence, I have worked with Survivors and other trauma survivors for 8 years.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

This is important work that I love doing.

My Understanding of Trauma-Informed Care

I define trauma-informed care as an approach to helping someone that effectively harnesses an accurate understanding of neurobiology and evolutionary psychology to completely resolve symptoms at their cause. I practice it via Mimetic Therapies like Rapid Resolution Therapy and modified Internal Family Systems.


The barrier between being conscious of being out of a traumatic situation and feeling like you’re still there is a language barrier. Mimetic Therapies effectively translate what you know into the language of how you feel. It uses applied neuroscience and evolutionary psychology to show the brain, rather than tell, that it doesn’t need to cause all of this distress to stop something from happening – because it is no longer happening. Once that part of the brain understands that, it shuts all of the feelings, nightmares, and shame off.

How My Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Trauma

By resolving shame, by empowering, by demonstrating that who they are and who they’ve always been has remained completely pure and free from blemish, violation, or dirtiness.

Modifications for Survivors

Every session is entirely individualized and present-focused, so I am always doing this throughout a session.

Other Areas of Expertise


Payment Options

I offer sliding-scale, payment plans, and full fee hourly rate options.