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Jazmine Russell“Jazmine Russell is a holistic counselor, mental health educator, certified peer specialist, trauma survivor, and co-director of the Institute for the Development of Human Arts – a transformative, mental health training institute in New York City. Jazmine has personal experience integrating extreme and altered states, deep spiritual awakening, and healing from trauma. She uses a unique blend of holistic practices, including herbalism, spiritual/intuitive development, energy work, embodiment work, and other spiritual and somatic techniques, which she uses to help others navigate the healing process.”

Contact Information:

Email: JazmineNRussell@gmail.com | Website: www.jazminerussell.com | Instagram: @JazmineRussell_ | Phone: 916-296-9715 | Practice Location: Saugerties, NY

Practice Information

About Jazmine Russell

Jazmine has been trained in holistic practices, herbalism, intuitive development, energy work, totality therapy, the realization process – embodiment, and other spiritual and somatic techniques since 2011, which she uses to help others navigate the healing process. In 2016, Jazmine co-founded the Institute for the Development of Human Arts, a non-profit that merges professional and lived experience of mental health issues to advance transformative and rights-driven mental health education and community development. She is also on the board of directors of Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach center for mindfulness-based freedom from addiction. Jazmine currently consults with local mental health organizations, developing online education and training curriculum. You can find more about her work and upcoming events by visiting her website.


My work as a prior crisis counselor in combination with my lived experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest has taught me that most of what we consider mental illness is rooted in trauma and adversity. My work both in and outside the mental health system has focused on helping people explore the roots of their emotional pain as it lies in ancestral, societal, and interpersonal trauma. Much of my work now as a holistic practitioner has centered around how we heal the impact of trauma through somatic and embodied healing as well as through spiritual tools that can help us redefine the meaning trauma has in our lives.

My Interest in Working with Survivors

As a fellow survivor, I understand the whole-body impact of trauma, the emotional, physical, and spiritual pain, and the resilience we have to transcend impossible circumstances. I believe that while nothing can justify the harm done, trauma leaves gifts of immense insight, intuition, and wisdom which can be harness to heal not only ourselves, but support others and help to mend our traumatized society.

My Approach to Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma informed care means recognizing that trauma healing isn’t only for domestic violence survivors and war veterans but can include those who have survived social isolation, discrimination, loss, poverty, and all kinds of socially embedded harm. Trauma also doesn’t always manifest as typical flashbacks and nightmares, but can lead to physical pain, autoimmune disease, altered states of consciousness, extreme emotions, and so much more. Because of the whole-body effect of trauma, trauma informed care should be holistic in nature, acknowledging the impact on the whole person, and always seeking to create a sense of ease, safety, and empowerment through regaining autonomy and freedom to choose the best practices for them.

Treatment Modalities

I offer DEPTH (Deep Emotional Processing and Trauma Healing) Sessions. Deep emotional processing is the act of feeling, understanding, and working with painful emotions in order to experience meaningful release and healing. DEPTH sessions are 1:1 holistic counseling sessions designed to address individual holistic needs through compassionate dialogue, embodiment techniques, meditation, energy work, herbal medicine, and other supportive practices.

DEPTH sessions can include:

  • Peer Support & Supportive dialogue: I am trained as a peer specialist, meaning I offer support from a place of mutuality and compassion rather than hierarchical assessment and diagnosis
  • Spiritual guidance, Meditation, & Intuitive energy work: I offer guided visualization and meditation practices aimed at releasing stuck energy, old patterning, and aiding personal intuitive development. I work with energy centers and teach spiritual protection practices and energetic boundaries.
  • Embodiment work and creative movement: I am certified in the Realization Process – embodiment, a modality focused on inhabiting the body and finding subtle consciousness through awareness and movement. I also lead creative movement exercises for catharsis and emotional exploration.
  • Herbalism: I am trained in intuitive herbalism, utilizing safe and effective herbal remedies for emotional healing.

How My Practice Holistically Addresses the Impacts of Sexual Trauma

Because trauma impacts the whole self, I utilize a variety of holistic practices to support the emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of my clients. I have found both personally and with my clients that embodiment work and creative movement is crucial to healing from trauma, tempering the impact of dissociation, healing sexual wounding, and re-integrating into the physical being. Spiritual, energy work and meditation provides lasting practices that calm the nervous system and can prevent heightened emotional states. Dialogue with a peer who has also experienced sexual trauma can create a sense of safety and understanding that is difficult to replicate. All of these modalities put together create a holistic and safe environment for personal exploration.


My approach is always tailored to unique and individual needs. Every approach or method we use is mutually agreed upon beforehand, so there are no surprises. I consistently check in and elicit feedback to make sure my clients feel safe and supported. I do every exercise or practice with my client to aid mutuality. I always offer options, choices, and accommodations for each practice. Autonomy and a sense of safety are the most important qualities I aim to cultivate with my clients, making sure they always feel in charge of their own healing process.

Additional Expertise

I am the co-founder and director of a mental health training institute – The Institute for the Development of Human Arts – that brings together clinicians and people with lived experience of mental health issues to offer holistic and rights based mental health education and free community events to the public.

I’ve worked extensively with children and young adults in a mental health crisis, often who were living in low income and marginalized communities in Brooklyn, NY. I have also specialized in working with young adults experiencing ‘first episode of psychosis’ or altered and extreme states of consciousness, offering one on one peer support and supportive network/family based meetings.

As a holistic practitioner I specialize in working with people who have experienced deep spiritual awakenings, often as a result of trauma and support them in integrating and making sense of their experiences

Payment Options

1 Hour sessions – $150 | 2 Hour sessions – $255 | 4 Week Program – $555

I offer up to 3 sliding-scale ($45 – $150 per hour) sessions per month to serve my community. It’s really important to me that holistic health becomes more accessible to everyone who needs it.

Sliding-Scale is for you if:

  • You would not otherwise be able to afford holistic health sessions at regular price and are in financial distress
  • You are dedicated to your emotional-wellbeing and committed to making your emotional health a top priority at this time
  • You are not being provided adequate support through other means
  • Always reach out if you have any questions for me or want to chat first to find the best option for you!